Here’s the Cool Thing Women of Child-Bearing Age Can Do
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Here’s the Cool Thing Women of Child-Bearing Age Can Do

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that oftentimes, your senses get heightened. Pregnant women can often complain about the very real “pregnancy brain” phenomenon, but there are some positives too. While many of us are gearing up to have some very important conversations before having a baby, we can also expect some very neat things to happen with our bodies even before we get pregnant. And whether or not you plan on having kids, women of child-bearing age can all do this really cool thing thanks to our hormones.

The hormones our bodies naturally produce during peak child-bearing years in all women, whether pregnant or not, give us an extremely acute sense of smell. What exactly does this mean? According to a study from Nature Neurosciencewe’re all really good at distinguishing between smells, even if they are super faint.

So while we often hear of women’s senses of smell going into overdrive while pregnant, causing nausea, if we stop and think about it, most of us probably have the same strong sense of smell, but it doesn’t bother us if we’re not pregnant. We guess that explains why some of our friends are so good at picking out flavors in wine, and why others can tell which perfume we’re wearing, even after a long day.

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