It’s been one year since the tragic shooting at Orlando nightclub Pulse. At the time, many shared their love and support for the LGBTQ+ community in Orlando and across the country. While people are commemorating the anniversary the world over, some are pointing out that the memory of the victims has been diminished, and that’s causing some to speak out eloquently on the behalf of the 49 people who died in the terrorist attack.

Taking to social media, what many members of the LGBTQ+ community want people to remember is that the PULSE shooting happened during the club’s weekly Latin night. This was no coincidence. All of the victims were people of color — Black and Latinx members of Orlando’s queer community, who were celebrating their diversity during Pride Month.

One year later, the city of Orlando is taking back the date, calling June 12 #OrlandoUnitedDay, and many are taking the time to remember and honor those whose lives were taken during the tragic event.

Shortly after midnight, 49 angel figurines appeared outside of Pulse, kicking off a day of mourning, remembrance, and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

The social justice portrait organization, Dear World, created a special photo series celebrating those who survived the attack as well as the first responders who came to their aid. These portraits were published on Twitter today using the hashtag #DearOrlando.

But most were simply interested in keeping the memory of the victims alive.

Unfortunately, the anniversary of the shooting has also brought out people who are using the tragedy as a way to steer the conversation toward anti-Islamicrhetoric, but that kind of defeats the purpose of remembering Orlando in the first place. Hopefully, more people will see the anniversary of the Pulse shooting as a way to further equality and love for all people, and allow the date to serve as a reminder that hate doesn’t solve anything.

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(Photos via Gerardo Mora/Getty)