We were SO on board when American Girl introduced a Civil Rights era doll back in February, and now, we’ve got yet another reason to get geeked about the future of the brand (besides this hilarious live-action movie, that is): Say hello to the WellieWishers — the newest and youngest members to join the American Girl line-up.


In stores as soon as June 23, the new dolls aim to be the perfect companions for the younger set. Company President Katy Dickson told Cosmopolitan that the line was largely driven by demand. “[We’ve] received numerous requests over the years to create a line for younger girls — who may not yet be ready for an 18” American Girl doll — that still imparts those valuable life lessons about what it means to be a good person,” she told the mag.

Dickson went on to say that, unlike their past lines, which are heavily focused on the dolls as individuals, the WellieWishers (named for their shared love of Wellie boots) line has a heavier focus on the relationships between the five personalities that make up the set: Willa, Ashlyn, Emerson, Kendall and Camille.

That’s not to say that each one doesn’t have her distinctive characteristics. Willa is the animal-lover of the group, as you can probably tell from the giant animal emblazoned on her shirt. Camille is a calm sea-admirer who’s always on hand to lend an ear (or a hug) to a friend in need. Emerson craves the glow of the limelight, while Kendall “is creative — always drawing and inventing.” And Ashlyn (who comes complete with tiara), described as a “princess in training,” is on a whole other level.

Check out the WellieWishers in action below!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via American Girl)