The Colorful New Furniture Collection We Want in Every Room of Our House

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Office furniture doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to style. And if you've ever worked in a cubicle farm where the primary color palette was gray, gray, and more gray, you probably understand why. But design-minded brand Hightower is changing that with their creative collection of office-friendly furniture that's anything but monotonous. The line, which includes collaborations with Swedish and Danish designers as well as those closer to home, is reimagining the typical workplace with powder-coated tables, stools in cheery, on-trend hues, and millennial pink couches that feel like something we'd see in a trendy new coffee shop. We don't mind admitting that this is office furniture we'd gladly put in our own living spaces. Click through to see our favorite selects.

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(Photos via Hightower)

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