Gone are the day when hijabs were thought to constrain fashion and beauty freedom. Last year, H&M launched a campaign featuring a model in the cultural garment. A high-tech hijab was recently a hit on Kickstarter and “Hijab Barbie” has become an Instagram celebrity. The newest woman breaking down the stereotype surrounding hijabs: Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati.

Saraswati, who goes by the Instagram name “Queen of Luna,” is making headlines with her stunning Disney princess transformations that she’s managing to pull off with her hijab.

So far the full-time mom has posted over 300 looks, and posed as all the greats like Alice in Wonderland, Ariel, Belle and Cinderella. She’s also managed to pull off other characters like the Mad Hatter, Ursula and Jafar.

Obviously, the makeup looks Saraswati creates are nothing short of stunning, but it’s the hijab hairstyles that are seriously blowing us out of the water. From Elsa’s iconic braid to Cinderella’s updo, nothing is off-limits for Saraswati. Instead, the traditional garment is less of a constraint and more of a creativity challenge.

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