Before you head out on your weekly hike, prep a treat that will treat your taste buds and keep your energy levels high. You can prep ahead with healthy after-school nibbles if you’re hiking with little ones, road trip-perfect nibbles if you’re going further, or these five easy-to-make snacks to keep in your knapsacks before you hit the trailhead.


1. Chocolate Cashew Trail Mix: Nuts are a no-brainer when it comes to energy-packed snacks. Add in healthy fat via shredded coconut, some salty pretzels for electrolytes and banana chips for a kick of potassium and you’ve got one very portable and very delicious snack. (via @ModestMarce’s Nom Profile)

Coconut Almond Energy Balls

2. Coconut Almond Energy Balls: Almonds, coconut and cacao… where do we sign up?! These energy balls bring the flavor with an array of topping options, our favorite of which is matcha powder. #greenpower (via @Sophie’s Nom Profile)

3. Apple Peanut Butter Granola Bars: For those that need a crunchy, carb-y, hearty snack without the gluten, these apple and peanut butter bars are for you. They’re packed with a punch of protein and flax seeds with Omega-3 fats. (via @GirlVersusDough’s Nom Profile)

4. Spiced Roasted Almonds: Sometimes you just feel like a nut and all you really want/need is a handful of roasty and toasty almonds to satisfy your hunger. These spiced almonds will be right up your alley with a salty and spicy coating of deliciousness. (via @FlavorRepublic’s Nom Profile)

5. Dark Chocolate Fig Oatmeal Bites: Another favorite recipe in spherical form, these chocolate-fig oatmeal bites are gluten-free, vegan and contain no processed sugar, since the sweetness comes from figs. You also get all of the dietary fiber you need with a healthy serving of oats. SCORE! (via @TheButterHalf’s Nom Profile)

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