Upgrade your summer fun, eh? Yes, we’re talking about an app that wants to take your upcoming weekend trip to the next level — sea level, that is. Huh? Keep reading to see what we’re talking about and get to know what’s app-ening in the rest of the world of downloads this week. There’s a sneaky app from one of the big guys that thought it could just launch without anyone noticing (well-played Amazon, but we have your number), an app that will just make you say WHAT, one that wants to hook you up and another that gives you an excuse to celebrate ANY day. Like we needed that last one…

1. Roy G Biv: THIS IS CRAY. So cray, you have to watch this video above to see what it can do. Did you watch it? K, so yeah, extremely talented GIF maker Julian Glander (get lost in his works of looping art here) created an app that, when aimed at an item, picks up that item’s main hue and plays a corresponding sound.

What does the color green sound like? This. What does hot ‘za sound like? That. What does awe sound like? Me uttering “OMG” over and over again at my desk.

Cost: $0.99 for Android and iOS

2. Hitch: “(App) matchmaker, (app) matchmaker, find me a find! Catch me a catch! Hitch me a… hitch?” Hitch is a newer app that’s trying to take a piece of Tinder’s pie with the angle that it lets your friends match you up with a single friend they just KNOW you’ll love. Your friend can log into Facebook, put you two in your own private chat and it’s anonymous until you both agree to reveal yourself. Very dramatic, but a great way for you married people out there who want to know how Tinder works to get in on the action! And put your matchmaking skills to the test.

Oh, and we sure hope it’s named after the 2005 Will Smith, Kevin James movie.

Cost: Free for iOS — duh, love don’t cost a thing — and coming soon to Android

3. Anniversary: Turn any day into a holiday and give life to your old, forgotten photos with this quirky little download. #TBTs are so yesterday (hehe), now you can use that photo to get a new party started by creating an anniversary around it and selecting friends to share in the memories with you later. They’ll get a surprise next year or on the date you selected to celebrate. Bust out the pink boas all over again with your gurls on the anniversary of your cray-zee bachelorette party, share a Sprite toast with your fam the year after your kiddy first learned how to ride a bike or party it up the month after your office’s third successful Re:Make ;) Like we said, we don’t need another reason to celebrate any ol’ day of the week, but we’ll take it.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. Amazon Wallet: We might file this one under “apps to keep your eye on” since it verrrry quietly launched this week. Amazon is ALL about simplifying shopping, and this app helps you out by keeping all of your gift cards, rewards and loyalty cards, credit cards and banking accounts all in one place. This is the future that we’re very into.

Cost: Free for Android

5. We Are on a Boat: Sometimes simple apps do extraordinary things. Like, they hook you up with a yacht for you and your friends to reenact Lonely Planet and. T-Pain’s 2009 hit “I’m on a Boat” whenever you choose. We Are on a Boat (the app, not the remix) connects people who want to be on a boat with people who have them and are willing to share them, Airbnb style. It may sound like the most summery and specific of all the share economy, but when you think about it (did you think about it?) it’s actually genius.

Cost: Free for iOS (cost of boat extra, duh)


Imoji: This app turns your photos into emoji. More than enough said, we know.

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Facebook’s New Save Feature: I mean, if you’re into Facebook and stuff. Oh, you are.

Taco Emoji on GroupMe: This is a REALLY good reason to download GroupMe.

Virtual Beauty Mirror: This application of tech sucks, what it means for the future *could* rock.

What is your favorite recent app download? Did we miss any from the week? Share your thoughts and picks below!