Breaking in new jeans can be a total nightmare. We’ve all had a moment in the fitting room staring at the mirror looking at a pair of ah-mah-zing denim only to realize they don’t look as fab on our bods as we hoped. Hiut Denim Co., a brand from Wales, understands your pain and is here to help a girl (and guy) out. The company practices raw denim care, which basically means the jeans are not washed or ironed throughout the manufacturing process, and minimally cared for before they make it to your closet.

Here’s where things get really, well, unique. After the jeans are ready to wear, Hiut sends them to folks they refer to as “denim breakers.” These 50 breakers wear a pair of jeans from the company daily for six months without washing or ironing them. After the six months ends, the wearers return the jeans to the company where Hiut auctions them off to eagerly awaiting customers.

Hiut actually has two missions. First, 80% of the environmental impact of jeans comes from washing and ironing them. So by taking out those processes the company is reducing the impact tremendously. The other reason the company resists the cleaning process and goes for a more rugged, worn-in look is for aesthetics. The company says 90% of their buyers are attracted to old jeans because many believe the older and more worn they appear, the better they look.

So what do these breakers get for wearing the same jeans for 120 days without washing them (besides getting stank-eyes from everyone they walk past)? They receive 20% off the selling price of their pair. On second thought, where do we sign up? Buyers, no need to worry about germs. The jeans are washed (for the first time) before they are sold and given to the buyers.

Would you want previously worn-in jeans or volunteer to be a denim breaker? Let us know in the comments below.