From decorations to food to music, there are so many fun factors to think about when it comes to hosting a party, New Year’s Eve or otherwise. Let us take one problem off your plate: the party favor dilemma. We’re sharing party favors that are simply perfect for everyone, because they’re likely to be loved by all. Read on and wow your next set of lucky guests with these trinkets and treats.

b&p caramel

1. Beer and Pretzel Caramels ($9): Beer, pretzels and caramel: What more could anyone want? Nothing, which is why these delicious little morsels are right up your party alley.

bearhug coasters

2. California Bear Hug Coasters ($10): Everyone needs coasters and everyone loves bear hugs, so this set of four Cali bear hug cork coasters is great for every guest that comes through your doors.

cara marsh

3. Marshmallow Caramels ($18): One of the best things to get as a party favor is something special and sweet that you wouldn’t normally splurge on yourself. These incredible marshmallow caramels are exactly that. Spoil your guests with a little well-deserved sugar.

carry on cocktail

4. Carry-On Cocktail Kit ($24): If you’re hosting guests from out of town, whether they’ve traveled by plane, train or bus, this carry-on cocktail kit is the kindest way to send them off. No longer will your guests be at the mercy of overpriced cocktails while traveling.


5. Chalkboard Snowmen Place Holders ($28): This set of six snowmen makes for adorable customizable placeholders for dinner and doubles as excellent commemorative gifts for your guests as they head back out into the world.

hip flask

6. Woo Hoo Hip Flask ($29): There’s always room for a little more fun, which is exactly what this flask lends itself to. Mix up some tasty cocktails and take ’em on the go with this colorful hip flask.

holiday freaker

7. Holiday Freaker ($19): No one likes lukewarm beverages, even when it’s cold outside. Help your guests keep their chilly beverages frosty and festive with a holiday freaker.

LED shades

8. LED Shades ($6): With three settings — quick flash, slow flash and still — these LED shades are basically a three-in-one.

party fans

9. Paper Fans ($28): If you’re hosting any event in the heat, tossing a fan in a little gift set will keep your guests comfortable and stylish, all while having a little whimsical fun. Plus, this set of five paper fans complements just about any color scheme under the sun.

party tumblers

10. Neon Tumblers ($14): The party doesn’t have to stop just because yours is over. This set of four party-themed neon tumblers keeps the party going, going and going to the beach, the park and beyond.

taste joy set

11. Chocolate Tasting Set ($10): Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate — who would say no to that? No one, that’s who. Eight delicious takes on chocolate — from Firecracker to Potato Chip — come wrapped in a beautiful red box of party favor perfection.

tea infuser tube

12. Tea Infuser ($11): This gift nails exactly the perfect combination of practical and pretty. The flavors infuse through the four little slits on the side, letting you control exactly how much flavor and intensity ends up in your cup.

tipsy drink sleeve

13. Drink Sleeve ($5): If you’re hosting a happy hour sitch, this drink sleeve is the little party favor your guests need. It captures exactly how they’ll all feel after a couple of your fabulous cocktail concoctions.

Which of these glorious gifts will be added to your party favor arsenal? Share your decorations by tagging us on Instagram!