Finding out you’re pregnant is a life-changing event, and finally being able to share the news with your extended family and friends is incredibly exciting. Double that feeling during the holidays when people are already in full-on celebration mode and there are so many festive possibilities for your holiday baby announcement. From pics with Santa-plus-one to putting a bow on your belly (#bestgiftofall!) to hanging the mistletoe over your three-month bump, here are 18 festive pregnancy announcements that are sure to make the best Christmas card ever.


1. Growing Family: Our pets are like our firstborn children, so it’s only natural to want to include them in the fun. Using a chalkboard to write your message versus printed paper means you can change your mind mid-shoot when inspiration strikes, so get creative and try a few different phrases. Keep your pooch calm and cooperative with the promise of treats and plenty of behind-the-ear scratches when you get home. (Photo via The Mullikin Studio)


2. Christmas Present: Give your sparkliest outfit one last spin while it still fits and recreate this adorable announcement. A small package wrapped in festive paper and a hand on your bump are all you need to get the message across. Expect the congratulations to come pouring in the second you click “post.” (Photo via @merriksart)

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3. Bundle of Joy: This punny announcement is like a two-for-one: Not only are you sharing the exciting news with your family and friends, but you’re also sharing a sonogram with them at the same time (and that’s really what they want to see anyways). (Photo via Kristi Murphy)


4. New Year’s Baby: Ditch the Christmas decor and opt for a New Year’s-inspired backdrop instead. Metallic fringe curtains taped to the wall and a DIY banner make this a cheap and easy announcement you can totally party in front of all night long. (Photo via Hawks Homestead)


5. Mistletoe: Show off your itty-bitty bump with help from a little mistletoe and your baby daddy. Stand against a light-colored wall so you don’t distract from the main focus of the picture. And when your image is as good as this one, don’t feel like you need to clutter it up with a bunch of text. (Photo via Tenley Clark Photography)


6. Adoption Announcement: No matter how you welcome a new baby to your family, it’s always a cause for celebration. Tiny gender-neutral booties nestled inside a pine wreath is the perfect way to announce the impending arrival of your Christmas miracle. Later, take a picture of your baby wearing the booties and send that out as your second announcement to tie it all together. (Photo via Elisabeth Eden)


7. I O U: Get the older sibling involved and let them be the star of the show. They’ll feel so special posing in front of the camera and you’ll get to hang out on the sidelines, which is the best thing ever if you’re not feeling so hot that day (morning sickness, be gone!). (Photo via Kristen Peters/Today)


8. Elf on the Shelf: The ultimate elf on the shelf picture. Period. (Photo via Dan McGinty)

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9. Christmas Pajamas: Let the world in on your little secret this Christmas. A tiny pair of pajamas is the perfect accessory for your holiday photo shoot, and are something you’ll actually use once baby arrives. Keep your own clothes basic to make sure all the attention stays on the patterned pjs. (via @x0beautybykayla)


10. Backlit Bump: Take advantage of all the beautiful holiday decorations already in your living room and strike a classic preggo pose in front of the Christmas tree. Turn off your camera’s flash and let the tree provide the light to achieve a high-contrast shot. Bonus: there’s absolutely no prep work or cleanup involved. Yay! (via @rachparcell)


11. Christmas List: Head out to find your town’s Christmas display and start snapping. Put your older child in the foreground with a funny saying written on a chalkboard and step to the side, because being the center of attention is what toddlers do. Design your chalkboard with the chalk pens (vs. regular chalk) to ensure it doesn’t get smudged in transit. (Photo via Fit Momma Clean Baby)


12. Bun in the Oven: This sweet photo is great if you’re known as the baker in your groups of friends. Put on your prettiest apron and sprinkle a little flour on the counters. As soon as you see the pictures of you and your bun in the kitchen, they’ll instantly be your new favorites (at least until baby arrives). (Photo via @thephotofriends)


13. Little Presents: Here’s a great idea for a non-traditional Christmas scene if you live someplace where snow doesn’t fall. The gorgeous indoor/outdoor scene is so peaceful + pleasant, we can kinda hear Silent Night playing in the background. (Photo via @whitneymariephotographyllc)


14. Hot Chocolate: Send out a sweet and simple announcement that you’ll still love when you post it as your #TBT years from now. Another idea would be to put the same number of marshmallows in the cup as there are people in your (growing) family. (Photo via Sonia Bourdon Photography)


15. Chalkboard Announcement: Calling all chalkboard queens — this one’s for you. Instead of sending the announcement or posting it online, host a holiday party and put this chalkboard above your mantel. Take bets with your partner ahead of time on how long it will take your guests to notice it. Once they do, the celebration will really begin. (via @leftyladychalkshop)


16. Santagram: If you’re not feeling ready to step in front of the camera just yet, send out your sonogram instead. But don’t just send the plain picture. Take it a step further and Photoshop tiny Santa hats on your even tinier baby (or babies!). (Photo via thefiftyone)


17. ‘Tis the Season: This adorable shirt does all the talking for you and is really easy to make — just grab a long-sleeved shirt and a bleach pen. Not only will you have one awesome announcement, but you’ll also have a super cute shirt to wear all season long. (Photo via @whitneymariephotographyllc)


18. The Little Stockings: It doesn’t get much easier than this. Just lay down three stockings, add text and social that announcement away. (Photo via Charm Addict)

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