Alright. Before you start rolling your eyes at us and saying, “It’s not even Halloween yet!” Hear us out. Firstly, if you didn’t get the memo, you should have booked your holiday travel by now. Get on it if you haven’t already. Secondly, that most wonderful time of the year can get crazy with flight delays, last minute packing and trip planning. Before you start prepping your trip, check out our travel app picks to make your holidays just a little happier.

1. Hitlist: For those of you who are behind on booking, it’s a hassle keeping up with airlines and finding the cheapest flights. Hitlist saves your destinations and sends notifications when deals are available. You can also see where friends have traveled and where they want to go next. This app is great for those who take trips on a whim. (Free on iOS and Android)

2. Detour: Exploring a new city is exciting, and Detour is here to turn your walk into an adventure. Input your start and end points and specify what you’re looking for, like bars or burgers. Detour will set you on an audio walking tour to find what you need. (Free on Android)

3. Agoda: For those frequent overseas flyers, Agoda’s network checks over 350,00 hotels worldwide to filter the best hotel for your budget and schedule. Your hotel confirmation is saved to make check-in a breeze. (Free on iOS and Android)

4. Findery: If you’re one for local stories and history, Findery works as a scrapbook for cities. Visitors and locals create “notes,” which are texts and images of personal memories, interesting facts and fun tips when discovering locations and visiting new spots. (Free for iOS)

5. FlightStats: This app is great for those non-last minute, always-keeping-track-of-everything planners. FlightStats goes in depth to provide airline and flight details and arrival and departure times. There’s also a flight tracker to watch flights worldwide. (Free on iOS and Android)

6. Momondo: There was once a time when travel agents and travel websites helped you research flights and hotels. Now, there’s an app for that. Momondo’s interactive price calendar displays daily prices of various airlines. It also sorts hotels through categories, like cheapest, closest, best rated and most popular. (Free on iOS and Android)

7. Tripcast: Creating a blog for family and friends to keep in touch takes time and effort. Tripcast will help keep mom and dad updated on your travels. Create an album, add people to follow along and post photos and videos for live updating. (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Spotted by Locals: Skip the bookstore and try out this local guidebook. From Amsterdam to Chicago, the app covers Europe and North America and is curated by locals. No Wi-Fi required, and it’s consistently being updated. ($4 on iOS and Android)

9. Airport + Flight Tracker: Need the 411 on all deets related to your airport and flight? Check terminal maps, find Wi-Fi and restaurants and navigate parking and ground transportation all through this handy app. (Free on iOS and Android)

10. Word Lens: While other apps make you type in the words to translate, Word Lens only needs a picture. When traveling overseas, language can be a barrier to enjoying the experience. Take a picture of any text, like a sign or menu, for a simple and quick translation. (Free on iOS and Android)

11. Maps.Me: You’ll never be lost in the middle of nowhere again. This app displays offline maps of 345 countries and islands, even without Wi-Fi connection and without using roaming data. Using your location, it lists food, gas stations and tourist destinations near you. ($5 on iOS and Android)

12. PackPoint: Here’s to no more packing panics! PackPoint takes into consideration your travel duration, weather forecast and planned activities to help you pack just enough and not too much. You won’t forget another phone charger again. (Free on iOS and Android)

13. Scoutmob: Take your business trip to the next level with this app. Scoutmob discovers events and activities and searches for discounts to local restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. There’s even a Stache Cam to help you sport the coolest stache during your travels. (Free on iOS and Android)

What apps help you navigate holiday season? What are your go-to travel apps? Let us know in the comments below!