The rules of homemaking have changed. Today's generation of women are uber-connected and mostly employed, yet still seek to make their lives at home more creative. Brit Morin makes her foray into publishing with Homemakers, one part resource guide for today’s busy, modern homemaker — complete with charts, tips & tricks, recipes and dozens of DIY projects — and one part exploration into how new advances in technology are impacting our creative lives at home.

In addition, Brit explains what “homemaker” will quite literally mean in the coming years, when we will all have the potential to create physical products from within our homes using new technologies like 3D printing, smart devices and more. For the first time in history, will “home maker” be a more literal description of our role?


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About Brit Morin

Brit Morin is the founder & CEO of Brit + Co, an online platform that provides tools to teach, inspire and enable creativity among women and girls. From traditional crafts to high-tech manufacturing, Brit + Co connects millions of users with makers, designers, chefs, and inventors, together in one place.