While most high schoolers head to the mall to pick out their graduation dress, Erinne Paisley headed to math class. The Canadian student DIYed her outfit entirely out of her old math homework.


The high school senior transformed her pre-calculus notes into this adorable cocktail dress as a way to help raise awareness for The Malala Fund, which works to help girls all across the globe gain access to an education.

In a blog post about the dress Paisley writes, “Graduation began to approach, and the idea of creating a graduation dress out of recycled materials entered my mind. Someone I knew had done this a few years back by making her dress out of newspapers. There is so much energy and attention put into the high school graduation celebration in North America that I wondered if some of that could be redirected to support the Malala Fund’s fight for girls’ rights to education around the world.”


The white and black dress took Paisley and a friend roughly seven hours to make. After a few trial runs, the final product was created using her notes, satin straps and a velvet waistband. On top of the paper Paisley wrote in bold red ink, “I’ve received my education. Not every woman has that right. Malala.org.”


Paisley also donated the amount her graduation dress would have cost to the organization. Additionally, she’s now auctioning off her dress. The current bid is a whopping $1,150 with three weeks remaining.

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(Photos via Malala Fund Blog/Go Bid/Erinne Paisley, h/t Buzzfeed)