We tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with socks. Sometimes they can totally pull an outfit together and sometimes we wish we could forget about them entirely – mostly when we’re rocking a pair of Converse or maybe some boat shoes. If you do decide to spend the day sans socks, there are two issues that will most likely come up: It’s probably going to get a little bit uncomfortable as the day goes on and it’s definitely going to be a smelly situation when you finally do take off those sweet kicks. Here’s where Honey Soles comes in. This new brand has created insoles that have totally elimated the need for socks (unless you’re wearing dress shoes, fellas. Then please, please still wear them).


Here’s how Honey Soles work: the insoles are made from cork, which has some pretty epic footwear advantages. The material naturally eliminates fungus and bacteria. It also helps support your heels so that your feet don’t get sore after walking around all day. Underneath the cork is a special type of foam that will absorb any excess vapor (AKA foot stench). Swap out your current insoles with these high-tech replacements and make every pair of shoes feel like your comfiest pair of flip flops.


If you’re all about these new insoles, we suggest you donate $23 to their Kickstarter, which will get you a pair of Honey Soles after their first production run (post-Kickstarter they will retail for $30). Be sure to act quickly though. Considering the brand is already $3,000 over their goal with 30 days still to go, we’re guessing that early-bird reward won’t be around for much longer.

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(Photos via Honey Soles)