As the days become chillier and hibernation mode commences, make an effort to conquer your winter to-do list. Start small by setting realistic goals and celebrating all the milestones and victories along the way. Push yourself to get outside and movin鈥 (even on those single digit days) and you鈥檒l be feeling more inspired than ever to make this your best month yet. Conquer a case of the Mondays with some much-needed caffeine + scroll on for the best parts of your AstroStyle horoscope.

Capricorn: December 22 鈥 January 19


Despite retrograde, continue to embrace good vibes these next few weeks by treating yo鈥檚elf to a weekend of pampering, a yoga retreat or a community workshop centered around personal growth. There鈥檚 no better time than right now to start making healthy habits for the year.

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Aquarius: January 20 鈥 February 18


Cue the quiet time by keeping things on the DL all this week. Pursue low-maintenance activities like coloring at your favorite coffee shop or becoming lost in a good book, and you could find the creativity boost that you鈥檝e been waiting for.

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Pisces: February 19 鈥 March 20


No more excuses, Pisces! The ho-ho-holidays are officially over and it鈥檚 time to get back into the swing of things. All things career + ambition rule supreme this week as you seek out partnerships and start turning all of your passions into a reality.

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Aries: March 21 鈥 April 19


Pack your bags, work-related travels may be in your cards after all. While it may not be your dream winter getaway, it鈥檚 something to get your mind off of these freezing temps. Balance work with play by penciling in some time for sightseeing and exploration.

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Taurus: April 20 鈥 May 20


Out with the old and in with the new: Allow this to be your game-changing mantra for the week. Before investing in any more 鈥渟tuff鈥 that you may or may not need, a mass closet purge is in order. Donate old threads while keeping any heirlooms that may have sentimental value to you down the road.

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Gemini: May 21 鈥 June 20


Grudges begone! There鈥檚 no time like *right now* to make amends with any frenemies or estranged relatives that might have done you wrong in 2015. Let bygones be bygones by repatching any real friendships and letting go of the bad seeds that will never change.

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Cancer: June 21 鈥 July 22


Banish a case of the January blues by filing your social calendar to the brim with plans to visit long-distance friends. Cue the spontaneous road trips, 鈥榗ause FaceTime and text messages can only go so far. Check new destinations off your travel bucket list as you take on a new city each weekend.

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Leo: July 23 鈥 August 22


Cupid will be on your side all this week as the search for your knight in shining armor begins. Leave the casual flings behind (been there, done that) by opting for long-lasting connections that will make it beyond Valentine鈥檚 Day.

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Virgo: August 23 鈥 September 22


It鈥檚 all YOU, Virgo. With a slew of high-stake decisions to be made, now鈥檚 the time to do some deep soul-searching. Don鈥檛 wait for everyone else鈥檚 approval when you know that it鈥檚 the right choice for you. Channel confidence in all that you do this week and success won鈥檛 be too far behind.

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Libra: September 23 鈥 October 22


Leave the 鈥渙rganized chaos,鈥 as you like to call it, behind once and for all. A little feng shui at Chateau Libra is in order as you embark on 鈥淥peration: Declutter鈥 and finally spruce up your bedroom decor. A fresh coat of paint and a gallery wall surely isn鈥檛 too far behind.

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Scorpio: October 23 鈥 November 21


Make way for the occasional splurge (or two) this week as a few practical investment pieces are in order. Think: A new pair of OTK boots (cause your old ones have seen better days), a fancy bar cart for all the hosting that you do or a winter topper that will actually combat the elements in style.

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Sagittarius: November 22 鈥 December 21


Now, that you have your resolutions mapped out, it鈥檚 time to make them ALL a reality. Call in a life coach or financial planner to get the ball rolling STAT. From finally launching your #sidehustle to becoming CEO at your dream company, don鈥檛 forget to take baby steps all the way.

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