If you鈥檝e ever considered quitting your job and becoming a pet photographer (hasn鈥檛 everyone?), than we know you鈥檒l appreciate this. It鈥檚 the first day of April, and you know what that means. It鈥檚 Hot Guys and Their Adorable Pets Day. Duh. We鈥檝e got a list of some of the hottest male celebs in Hollywood, their strong jawlines and their furry + feathered pals. This Instagram roundup is essentially Magic Mike XXL鈥 minus the dancing and with lots and lots of animals. You鈥檙e welcome in advance.

1. Channing Tatum + Smoke: Channing Tatum adopted a rescue horse named Smoke last year and posted this absolutely heartwarming pic of the pair on Instagram. He captioned it: 鈥淢eet 鈥楽moke鈥 my rescue horse. He loves beer! We鈥檙e meant to be. (To be clear he just loves the smell).鈥 Hotness + talent + compassion too? Aww babe status is off the charts. (Photo via @channingtatum)

2. Liam Hemsworth + Dora: The Hunger Games alum adopted gentle giant Dora last year from Wylder鈥檚 Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Los Angeles with the help of his fianc茅 (?) Miley Cyrus. It鈥檚 clear to see that Liam is over the moon for his canine friend. *BRB melting* (Photo via @liamhemsworth)

Happy new year legends !!

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3. Chris Hemsworth + his loyal pup: Liam鈥檚 brother Thor, er, I mean Chris, lounges here on his Labrador retriever. Whew, look at that view (and we鈥檙e referring to the man + dog view, not the ocean one FYI). (Photo via @chrishemsworth)

FEDORA SWAG!!!! Three amigos 馃惗馃惗馃槣

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4. Shemar Moore + his English bulldogs: If this photo of the Criminal Minds actor and his two best buddies in dapper matching fedoras doesn鈥檛 make your day, we have bad news. Nothing will. The proud dog dad features his English bulldogs on his Instagram on the reg 鈥 oh, and lots of shirtless photos too. Take what you will from that. (Photo via @shemarfmoore)

5. John Boyega + Oluwalogan: The breakout star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been a really busy dude lately 鈥 because Star Wars 鈥 and while the busy actor is on the road, he鈥檚 been FaceTiming with his kitty Oluwalogan back home. The actor posted this pic on his IG, writing, 鈥淢iss you, Oluwalogan. #hesimplysniffedthephone #hehaseverythingtofightfor #hepeedonthesofa.鈥 (Photo via @john_boyega)

6. Ian Somerhalder + Nietzsche: It鈥檚 really no secret the Vampire Diaries actor and his wife Nikki Reed are a pair of the biggest animal lovers. EVER. They鈥檙e constantly doing good on behalf of their furry friends 鈥 he even has an eponymous foundation dedicated to rescuing animals! The studly actor (and his dreamy baby blues) are spotted here with his pup Nietzsche. (Photo via @iansomerhalder)

Hanging with Coco. Yeah I'm reposting it. #latergram

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7. Ki Hong Lee + Coco: When he鈥檚 not busy playing Dong Nguyen on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Ki Hong Lee hangs out with his equally cute little friend, Coco the maltese. After all, what鈥檚 true friendship if you don鈥檛 occasially act as your friend鈥檚 dog bed? (Photo via @kihonglee)

It's just Me n my dog... @kanesongz

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8. Trey Songz + Kane Songz: If this photo got any more adorable, the Internet would just break apart and eat itself. Here鈥檚 the smokin鈥 R&B actor posing with his French bulldog, Kane Songz. Kane is totally Instagram famous, by the way, with almost 10,000 followers. (Photo via @treysongz)

9. Zayn Malik + bulldog: Gigi Hadid鈥檚 BF isn鈥檛 just talented and super sultry, he鈥檚 also a serious animal lover. Gigi鈥檚 posted pics of Zayn showing love to her late kitty Chubs on her Instagram before, and the 鈥淧illowtalk鈥 singer has also shared a few images of his loving up some animals on his own account 鈥 including this one, where Zayn is clearly the more invested one. Aww. (Photo via @zayn)

10. Gilles Marini + Goldie: French actor Gilles Marini is really, really ridiculously good-looking (um, remember Dante from Sex and the City?). Okay, now that we鈥檝e stated that fact, here鈥檚 a photo of him with his family鈥檚 pet hen who passed away. So many tears. (Photo via @gillesmarini)

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