Have you ever walked into a designer hotel lobby or suite and said, 鈥淯m, how can I get my house to look like this?鈥 From the fluffy beds to the chic details, there鈥檚 style inspiration each time you check in at a new hip spot. You鈥檙e not the only one who wants to make their own space feel as welcoming as a hotel, and the founder of Hotelement, Paula Oblen, has made it her mission to make sleek hotel style available to everyone. She鈥檚 revealing the design pros鈥 secrets, and we鈥檙e ready to snatch up every piece or furniture and advice. Read on to see a few of our faves.


1. The Viceroy Hotel, Anguilla: This Caribbean hotel takes full advantage of its seaside location by incorporating the colors of a sandy beach and textures of driftwood. Hotelements tells you exactly how to get your hands on a lamp like the one in the suite and how to imitate the color palette by adding touches of charcoal gray.


2. The Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee: Housed in a 100-year-old warehouse, The Iron Horse Hotel has a lobby full of industrial details that recall its rich history. Experiment with different finishes in your home, from distressed leather and knotty wood to polished concrete and steel.


3. Avalon Hotel, Miami: Miami is known for its art deco architecture, and The Avalon brings that mid-century style into its suites with a cool color palette that鈥檒l make it hard to forget you鈥檙e at the beach. (Not that you鈥檇 want to.) Channel that Mad Men vibe at home with low-slung, curvy furniture.


4. B2 Hotel, Zurich: Located inside a former brewery, the historic B2 Hotel combines clean lines with modern touches like glass and concrete. Bring the look home with hammered iron pendant lamps and plush leather.


5. Athol Place Boutique Hotel, Johannesburg: Offering contemporary style in South Africa, Athol Place has nine suites full of details you鈥檇 want to take home with you. Mix materials like wood, leather, metal and mirrors to replicate the sophisticated look.


6. The Betsy Hotel, Miami: When you walk into The Betsy, you instantly feel like you鈥檙e stepping into a historic Miami landmark, with palm trees and colonial chic design setting the stage for an ideal vacay. Go for the same look with shutters and rich dark woods.


7. Chapman House, Nantucket: The lobby of this hotel, located in the charming island town of Nantucket, is unexpectedly retro. We love its bold use of color. To imitate this groovy style in your own home, Hotelements suggests keeping the overall tone of the room neutral, so your accents really pop.


8. Mondrian Hotel, Los Angeles: This glamorous hotel in West Hollywood uses bright white as the backdrop for its stunning accent pieces and surprising splashes of color. Want to imitate this elegant look in your home? Hang white curtains, accent with black pieces and don鈥檛 be afraid to mix patterns.


9. The Parker Hotel, Palm Springs: There鈥檚 nothing boring about a trip to Palm Springs, so your hotel shouldn鈥檛 be boring either. The Jonathan Adler-designed lobby is eclectic and retro, with artful pieces that are perfect conversation starters.


10. Thompson Hotel, Beverly Hills: You would expect nothing less than modern luxury in the heart of Beverly Hills, and the Thompson鈥檚 bedroom suites don鈥檛 disappoint. Imitate the minimal style with plenty of storage to hide all your clutter.

Have a favorite hotel whose style you want to steal? Let us know in the comments!