These Are the 100 Hottest Baby Names of 2015
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These Are the 100 Hottest Baby Names of 2015

By now we’ve all heard about the most popular baby names of 2014, but what about the top baby names of 2015… and next year and beyond?

Way back in 2011, we published a “secret popularity list” of girls’ names and boys’ names attracting the biggest jumps in views among our visitors. The result: An amazingly accurate look at baby names that would become much more popular over the coming years.  Among the names we pegged as hot were Aria, Margot and Vivian for girls; Cassius, Josiah and Lennon for boys.

Now we’re back with a behind-the-scenes look at our hottest baby names of 2015, the names that are gaining much more attention than any others on Nameberry. There are a few crossovers with the 2011 hot list: Lucille and Scout feature on both lists, with Rhett and Reuben, Booker and Quentin still hot for boys.

But for the most part, the hottest names of 2015 are all new, a mix of fresh favorites and vintage choices enjoying new attention. These secretly popular names are a mix of the already-stylish such as Everly and Owen and surprising hotties from Betty to Tallulah, Ash to Zed.

If you’re a parent in search of a name that no one else is likely to pick, be warned: The 100 hot baby names here are not likely to remain cool forever. So if you name your baby the still-unusual Tove or Meilani, Leif or Leon today, don’t surprised to find it a lot more popular tomorrow.