It’s election season in the US once again, and the dramatic campaign ads, in-fighting between potential nominees and scandalous gossip have already started. Yes, we’re talking about the House of Cards season 4 premiere on March 4! While we may not be Frank Underwood supporters, we are always in favor of a weekend spent binge-watching one of our favorite shows. To help celebrate the latest season coming to Netflix, we’ve endorsed nine products that are sure to make your House of Cards weekend a landslide victory.


1. Bad Ass Bitches Candle ($18): Claire Underwood is the definition of a bad ass b*tch, and she’s absolutely the type to light a white candle in the bedroom while she gets ready in the evening. She’d love this cheeky one in her new Washington, D.C. bachelorette pad.

Lillies BBQ sauce

2. Lillie’s BBQ Sauce Trio ($24): In an homage to Underwood’s North Carolinian roots, why not pull out a pulled pork barbecue recipe for the premiere party? Freddie would be proud!

bourbon marshmallows

3. Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows ($8): Keep those nods to Southern culture going all weekend with these bourbon-flavored marshmallows. They’re a perfect grown-up option to keep your sweet tooth satisfied through the sixth episode you watch in a row (at least)!

Canon lens mug

4. PhotoJoJo Canon Camera Lens Mug ($24): With so much spying to be done and so many secrets to be uncovered, a good camera is a total necessity on the Underwood campaign trail. This lens mug will get you into a surveillance mindset, attuned to the many underhanded tricks Underwood is sure to pull.


5. White Whale Mob Man Rye Whiskey Mixer ($11): You’ll need a stiff drink halfway through the season once the excitement really starts. While Underwood isn’t exactly a Mob Man, no doubt he’d enjoy this refreshing and tart whiskey mixer — and we know you will too.

Lincoln T-shirt

6. Headline Shirts I Got Five On It Tee ($28): Cleanse your conniving-president palate with this perfectly worn-in tee that features the face of one of our more upstanding presidents. You’ll be comforted (in more ways than one) wearing this reminder that not all our nation’s leaders are so duplicitous.


7. Matters of Delight Get Shit Done Notepad ($8): Both of the Underwoods could teach an entire class on the art of getting sh*t done. Their ability to check off their to-do lists (no matter how dastardly!) is impressive. If you get inspired to start your own productivity revolution post-binge, this cute notepad will help get you there.


8. Make Collaboration Prop Laptop Stand ($16): While you may get overheated over the course of season 4, that doesn’t mean your laptop needs to do the same. Keep your bed-watching setup nice and cool with this minimalist stand.

Fig and Yarrow Clay Mask

9. Fig and Yarrow Apothecary Rose Clay Mask ($16): No one said that you can’t multitask while you’re spending the weekend on the couch, wrapped up in the evil scheming of Underwood and his team. Layer on this luxe face mask, and find some balance in the middle of all the drama.

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