Okay, so you already know how many eggs it’s safe to eat in a week. But many of us still have some questions about safety when it comes to eggs. Namely: How long will our eggs last in the fridge? An egg-cellent question. Extra Crispy’s new video tackles that question head-on and also explains how to know if it’s safe to whip up some egg salad recipes with your eggs — and when it’s time to start putting egg on everything in order to use those bad boys up before they expire.

Here’s a totally *genius* hack we’d never heard of before watching the vid: If your egg carton doesn’t have an expiration date, look for a handy little numeric code on the side of the package. The last few numbers are actually representative of the day of the calendar year when the carton was packed. You can generally assume that your eggs will last 4-5 weeks after that date.

Of course, some element of personal responsibility is involved as well. The video recommends refrigerating your eggs within 24 hours after purchasing them. Store them in the coldest part of your fridge (not on the door!) and use up any cracked eggs right away. In fact, if you do notice that your eggs are cracked, you can test to make sure they’re still safe by gently dropping them into a class of water. If they sink to the bottom, they’re good to eat!

Check out the full video for more egg-cellent advice.

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