We’ve all been there: We’re in the middle of whipping up an intricate dessert or breakfast when a rogue egg splatters on the counter or crashes to the floor. Sticky and with a texture somewhere in between a liquid and a solid, a broken egg might seem particularly challenging to clean up, but armed with the right kitchen tool, it’s no problem at all — and a little mess doesn’t have to derail your culinary creation. Here’s my method:

  1. First, pick up and discard any large pieces of egg shell.
  2. Then, slide a bench scraper under the egg and any remaining shell bits. (Thin but sturdy, and with a large enough surface area to get underneath everything in one fell swoop, a bench scraper is the ideal tool for the task.)
  3. Once you’ve picked up as much of the egg as possible this way, wipe up the remaining egg with a paper towel (for easy disposal). Then either use a soapy sponge, a mop, or a multi-surface cleaner and a fresh paper towel to sanitize the area.

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(Photo via Nicole Perry / Brit + Co)