Data suggests that more people than ever hope to own a business someday, despite a gap in resources that millennials say hold them back from bringing a great idea to life. Though money, knowledge, the right location, and a brilliant mentor are ultra-helpful to any aspiring business owner, being able to push aside your fears to actually begin is just as important. Katie Raquel from Monterey鈥檚 delicious juicery Katie鈥檚 Coldpress dishes the deets with us on how scary it was to get started. She also shares how she ultimately overcame her fears, found her footing, and powered through the tough times to grow her thriving California company.

Raquel tells us that she started her raw juice business when her daughter was just six months old and that the scariest thing was pouring her energy into something that took time away from her family. 鈥淔or me, starting small and letting go of the idea of being 鈥榩erfect鈥 at anything were a huge help,鈥 she admits. 鈥淚鈥檝e never been one to judge how anyone chooses to balance work and family, so I committed to not judging myself either, so I could take it just one day at a time.鈥 The beginning was tough, in that she did get less time with her newborn daughter Ellie and struggled to find enough energy for her growing business. She鈥檚 since figured out how to run Katie鈥檚 Coldpress in a way that allows her to spend even more time with her growing brood than if she worked a typical nine-to-five job 鈥 and she welcomed twin boys last year! 鈥淚t鈥檚 been a long road, and it takes a lot of experimentation to figure out how to make it work. But if you can be gentle with yourself and embrace a long learning curve, business and kids are a lot more fun.鈥

1. Expect to push and pivot your way through the unknown. Raquel reminds us that when it comes to building a biz, there鈥檚 a real possibility of encountering new hurdles anytime. 鈥淔or me, one of the scariest things about business is the very real possibility that there鈥檚 a challenge right around the corner that I am not qualified to handle. Pushing forward and confronting how little I know can be so uncomfortable!鈥 To power through, Raquel suggests staying open to doing lots of research, talking with people who have run into similar problems, and reminding yourself that you can handle so much more than you think. 鈥淲hen you run into a game-changing obstacle, you can pivot and keep moving; each time you push through, it gets easier.鈥

2. Find people you trust (and be a person who can be trusted). A solid support system is a major difference-maker in business. 鈥淗aving people that you trust to back you up makes it so much easier to face the unknown,鈥 Raquel swears. 鈥淚鈥檝e been collaborating with my husband through our various workplaces and through personal creative projects since we met in college over a decade ago; the best decision I鈥檝e ever made was to choose to spend my life with him.鈥 She gushes about her family too, telling us that hers moved from Minnesota to join her in Monterey, CA and help her with the business and her family two years ago. 鈥淭heir generosity and support are pretty mind blowing; I know how lucky I am. And I like to think I give as good as I get. I spend a lot of time focusing on how to earn trust and express gratitude and compassion 鈥 within my family and through the business.鈥 Raquel cites The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey as a must-read book, telling us it鈥檚 full of interesting ways that building trust can impact your business.

3. Find a healthy balance. 鈥淚 know I am not alone in feeling more afraid, vulnerable, and weak when I鈥檓 physically unwell or emotionally unbalanced,鈥 Raquel says. 鈥淕et right with yourself in whatever way you can so you are in the best position to handle the next challenge and show up for your loved ones and community.鈥 She says that consistent sleep, creative outlets, and a plant-rich diet make a huge difference for her. 鈥淚鈥檓 also a shameless consumer of self-help books! For some people, it鈥檚 meditation or running. For others, it鈥檚 prioritizing time with supportive people or creating a minimalist environment where they can feel at peace.鈥 She reminds us that while there isn鈥檛 a one-size-fits-all wellness solution, you can start experimenting right now to figure out what makes you feel your best and helps you succeed.

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