Between work, playdates, preschool drop-off, preschool pick-up, mommy and me classes, and absolutely everything else that happens on your busy days, it’s easy to forget one key thing — to slow down and just be. But even though it might seem like slowing down is an impossibility, you can do it! That is, with a little help. Read on for our best tips.

Smiling mother carrying child

1. Throw out the schedule. Not forever, but try it for a day. When your routine gets in the way of enjoying your #momlife, it’s time to toss the schedule. Without the clock guiding your each and every move you can take a step back, breathe, and enjoy a morning, afternoon, or full 24 hours with your kiddo.

2. Say no. How many times a day does someone ask you to do something that you really, really don’t want to do? And how many times do you go ahead and do it anyway? Yeah, we thought so. It’s a lot! Instead of being a yes girl, start saying no. The less time you spend shuttling your friends’ kids places, picking up your manager’s dry cleaning, and writing the emails that your coworker was supposed to send yesterday, the more time you’ll have for yourself and your kid.

3. Say yes. This may seem counter to the “say no” idea, but it isn’t at all. Now that you have extra time to calm down and relax after saying no, you can fill the void with yeses to your little one. Your tot wants to go to the park? Sure. Your preschooler is all about finger painting right now? Okay.

4. Organize everything early. Waiting until the day-of to do just about anything with kids is a recipe for stress. Start early by organizing lunches, outfits, backpacks, and your work wardrobe the night before.

5. Set the alarm. When organizing early still leaves you feeling rushed, try setting the alarm extra early. Sure, you won’t get as much sleep, but you’ll also have a few morning moments of chill. This can set your day up with a relaxed tone, and that makes *everything* easier.

6. Turn everything off. If no one hears a phone ring, did anyone really call? Pick at least one day a week and turn your phone, computer, and everything else electronic off. Now you have plenty of free time to spend with the little, totally free of distractions.

7. Go outside. There’s something calming about nature. Dress the kids for the weather and head out to the park, go for a walk, or just play in the yard. Not only will your outdoor adventure give you a chance to destress, but you can also get in plenty of together time with your family.

8. Forget about perfection. The parenting ideal you see splashed all over your Facebook and Instagram feeds doesn’t exist; it’s completely manufactured and made up. Instead of pushing yourself to become the perfect parent, give yourself a break. It’s okay — no one is judging you. (And if they are, they aren’t worth your time.)

9. Look at your child. Stop. Stop everything and just look at your child — really look at them. As you watch your tot play, paint, or do whatever else they’re doing, it’s pretty likely that everything else will just melt away. Live in the moment, enjoying your mommy day!

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