We use our emails, phone numbers, and addresses to sign up for聽EVERYTHING聽online. Sometimes we make accounts for things once because we want to enter a giveaway for a much-needed vacay, or聽because we saw something on a random website that we absolutely HAD to have. And unless you鈥檙e super duper insanely organized with a spreadsheet of all your online accounts, it can be really hard to keep track of everything.

Or, it used to be.


Meet deseat.me, an online tool that finds your accounts and lets you get rid of them. All you need to do is sign in with a Google account, and the site will compile a list of everything you鈥檝e created an account for, complete with links that will take you to the respective accounts鈥 delete pages.

This tool will catch pretty much聽every account you鈥檝e ever made (and haven鈥檛 yet deleted). Amazing, right? This way, you won鈥檛 get random newsletters for accounts you don鈥檛 even remember creating, and hopefully you鈥檒l get less spam too, since fewer sites will have your info.


If you want to have a more blanket erasure, head over to myactivity.google.com. From there you can delete your Google searches, things you watched on YouTube, Maps searches, etc. You can delete by topic, product, or date, and it will delete stuff off all聽the devices connected to your Google account. One of the biggest bonuses from doing this is that a lot of those online ads that seem a little聽too targeted can鈥檛 use the info you鈥檝e deleted to tailor ads to you anymore.

Life is SO much easier when things are a one-stop shop, especially when it comes to managing your online presence. If you keep up with these two tools, say biweekly or even monthly, your online experience will feel a lot cleaner, a lot less cluttered, and a lot less creepy.

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(Photos via deseat.me, Google + Getty)