Whew! It's been a long week of Facebook Timeline hacking. We're rounding out our series today with our fifth idea, Daydreaming. We figure that Facebook is a place to share thoughts, so why not make yours even more noticeable on your own profile page?

In our example, we wrote a note to summon friends to write on our wall, but you can actually write anything you want. Just download this background image for your timeline cover and then upload to Picnik, one of our favorite online photo editing sites (that is sadly shutting down in April, so use it while you can!). You can choose your font and add whatever text you'd like. Save your photo and then upload it as your Facebook cover. Finally, just snap a photo of yourself looking pensive in front of a white backdrop.

Don't want to go through the work of adding your own thought bubble? You can download the original "I wish my friends would write on my wall" background here. If you'd rather take the Photoshop route, here's the file to edit. Go crazy. We're excited to see all of the funny ideas you come up with.

And to recap our entire series, take a look at all of the Facebook Timeline Hacks we posted this week.





Have you tried any of these out on your own profile yet? We'd love to see! Leave a comment below with a link to your page, or find us on Twitter.