With January over, the year feels like it’s on the move. BUT in our opinion it’s still the start of a new year, at least for a few more weeks :) While reflecting on 2015, we thought about all the travel and inspiration a year can hold. So, we’ve put together a journal that will be your perfect companion throughout 2016. Already have some amazing travel photos and stories from January? We hope so! Our free printable template is stacked with prompts for each month to document all of your best moments. Bring it, 2016!

Gather your supplies and hit the ground running!

 free printable journal template
– cover paper

– card stock

– string

– staples

– glue


 – bone folder

– X-ACTO knife

– ruler

– cutting mat

– hole punch

– thumbtack


To begin, we’ll create the booklet!


Fold your template pages in half. Group them together to create a booklet. Give the booklet a hard crease using your bone folder. Open the booklet and lay face down.


This is saddle-stitch binding. You can also create this binding by sewing instead of using the staples. Line up the staple and poke two holes with the thumbtack. Push the staple through the spine of the booklet. Repeat with the second staple.


Turn the booklet over and fold the staples down with the bone folder.


Next, crease the booklet. Cut the card stock in half, then cut a three-inch piece of card stock.


Add glue and attach to the front and back of booklet. Smooth with the bone folder.


Next, add glue and attach to the cover paper. Smooth and add the flap.


Fold and hole punch. String and tie!


Now your journal is ready to travel through the new year with you!


Add photos and blurbs from all of your outings and gatherings! This year you won’t regret not writing it all down.

We’d love to see how you fill your journal! Share photos with the hashtag #iamcreativeon Instagram so we can take a peek.