Sure, rosé is light, refreshing, and super popular (there are rosé chaises and rosé desserts, for crying out loud), but add a little sparkling water into that rosé, and you’ve got an even BETTER summer drink. So, how exactly do you know *which* wine to combine with a particular mixer? According to award-winning winemaker Charles Smith, it’s all about the quality.

Smith recommends looking for a wine that’s flavorful enough to stand on its own, but that will pair well with your favorite fruity flavors. It’s important to note that an expensive bottle does not necessarily mean good wine. And in fact, when you’re talking about combining vino with sparkling H2O, you probably don’t want to go high-end at all. Here are some of Smith’s favorite combinations:

Note that you’ll generally want to keep things within a complementary flavor family. A semi-sweet rosé paired with strawberries and flavored La Croix is going to be perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, while a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc will be a bit more muted. Lemon wedges will give Pinot a delicious fresh taste, and peaches lend some sweetness to Sauvignon Blanc.

Also keep in mind that the sweeter your mixer is, the more sugar it will lend to the drink. La Croix is muted in flavor, while tonic water is uber-sweet. So pair the La Croix with already-sweet flavors like strawberries and Rosé so as not to overpower the wine itself, and the tonic water with drier wines.

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