If there’s one thing that can cause major stress about hosting a holiday party, it’s not what you’ll wear, but your menu. While most sweets and finger foods are easy enough (you either make everything because you’re Martha Stewart redux, or you buy, because who has the time… really), one thing that causes many hosts a headache is the bubbly. During the holidays, Champagne, cava and prosecco are basically a given at any party, but often, people are put off with these sparkly drinks because of a total fear of opening a bottle without losing an eye. Luckily, we’ve got your step-by-step guide on how to open a bottle of Champagne so you look like your party’s hero.

New Years Eve celebration

First things first: According to experts, it’s very important that your Champagne is very cold. Serving cold bubbly will allow your guests to get a different flavor as the drink settles. Once you’ve got your ice-cold bubbly, it’s imperative that you do NOT shake your bottle.

Next, you’ll want to remove the outer foil and metal lacing that hold your cork in place. Don’t be intimated here. Your sparkling beverage should not come shooting out at this point. This is the prep stage before you work your magic.

Once you’re ready to open your bottle, all you need is your two hands. Use one hand to firmly grip the bottle, while you use your other hand (usually your stronger, dominant hand) to gently start rocking the cork back and forth, up and down. Yes, you’ll feel pressure from the gas inside the bottle here, but don’t be afraid. Use a steady hand while you continue to rock and pull up.

Young woman opening bottle of champagne

If you are looking for an exciting and loud pop, think again. You want your Champagne to open with as little fanfare as possible. Just a gentle pop and fizz and you’re ready to drink.

Bartenders agree that Champagne shouldn’t be poured too quickly (otherwise it’ll fizz like a mofo), and they say you should stick to cava or prosecco if you’re going for a sparkling cocktail — leave the true Champagne to drink on its own.

Truthfully, bubbly isn’t scary, and if you are patient and don’t rush it, opening your bottle should be as smooth as drinking the bottle you choose.

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