Moving in together? There are clearly many joys to sharing a home with your S.O. — like guaranteed daily bonding time, cooking for two and getting to know them on an entirely new level. But the what’s-yours-is-mine mentality can be a process to adopt, especially when it comes to sharing small spaces. We teamed up with Ziploc® Brand to help you tackle one spot that might be particularly difficult to share — the bathroom drawer.

(Psst: This his-to-hers ratio is merely a suggestion. Relationships are about compromise, right?)

The trick here is to organize your stuff and their stuff into designated spaces, but don’t go overboard with compartmentalization. You want every product to have an obvious home that isn’t *too* complicated to figure out in those early, early AMs. We’re partial to Ziploc® containers because they come in an array of shapes and sizes, so the right combo is compatible with any drawer. Plus you can stick them in the dishwasher for easy clean-up if one of those lotions or potions spill everywhere.

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First, do the Ziploc® shuffle: Use each Ziploc® lid to land on your ideal layout. When you’ve settled on the perfect arrangement, add the matching containers to the top of each lid.


Next, designate each Ziploc® container for a different type of product — face stuff, hair stuff, nail stuff, the works. In the case above, his products neatly fills up one Ziploc® Divided Rectangle Container… she’s working on paring down ;) Keep scrolling for some DIY hacks to supplement your new organization system!


There’s bound to be stuff that never stays put, and gals know bobby pins fit this bill. Try this solution: Add a magnetic strip to the side of the drawer to keep those little guys in plain sight *and* out of the way. Who knew you could utilize vertical space in a drawer?!


The same goes for hair ties: Somehow, these tend to be everywhere or nowhere! Try a bangle with a clasp to house those hair bands.


Just like that, you’ve successfully shared a VIP space with your new roomie. Congratulations! Now that you’ve tackled this, you two can handle anything, right? :)

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Video: Katie Booker, Caroline Hetzel, Steven Cervantes, Michael Sullivan, Cody Towner, Erinn Burke

Photography: Cody Towner