The first day at a new job can be awkward, overwhelming, or both. Not only do you have to look sharp AND jump into a brand new work culture, but you also want to come across as your best self (especially since being mislabeled the mean girl of the office can have some pretty nasty consequences for your coworkers鈥 health). So in order to ease your already stressed-out mind, we鈥檝e asked a handful of professionals to share their top tips to slay your exciting first day. Let鈥檚 get girlbossing!

1. Start prepping your body and mind at LEAST two days before your first day. Setting yourself up for success is critical to nailing your first day. But as much as you want to get a full nine hours the night before the big day, nerves (and excitement!) can get in the way. 鈥淵ou might not be able to sleep well the night before your first day, so get as much rest as you can 48 hours before your first day so you鈥檙e refreshed and ready to go,鈥 advises author of Interning 101Emily White.

2.Don鈥檛 be afraid to stalk your new coworkers before you meet them. While you don鈥檛 need to go as far as finding out their relationship status on Facebook, studying the people in your company before you meet them all in person is a great way to get a basic understanding of what you鈥檙e walking into, notes life coach and professional speaker Amber Slaughter. Check out their company bios and Twitter profiles to feel out their personalities and interests.

3. Know your commuting route. This may sound obvious, but knowing the exact route you鈥檙e going to take to get to the office is a biggie. 鈥淧lan a backup route in case your main route is blocked or slow moving for some reason,鈥 suggests founder and CEO of Weberous Rafael Romis. 鈥淎lso, know the best number to call if you suspect you鈥檙e going to be late.鈥 You probably did this in order to make a great first impression when you interviewed, so you got this.

4. Splurge and don鈥檛 bring a lunch from home. Even if you鈥檙e a diehard meal prepper, try skipping the bagged lunch in lieu of joining your new work gang out of the office, notes Vettery鈥榮 director of people Kenn Peters. 鈥淚n the case that everyone brought their own lunch, you can still strike up a conversation by asking about recommendations for lunch spots nearby.鈥

5. Ask questions to show you get it. Your first day at the office will definitely be an information-overload, but career coach Kamara Toffolo advises to ask as many questions as possible鈥 without being too overbearing, that is. 鈥淎s you鈥檙e being trained or shown around, you should be asking countless questions to your new colleagues to get to know them, the culture, and the workplace better.鈥 Keep a little notebook handy for the key info you don鈥檛 want to ask people to repeat later.

6. Dress to impress鈥 but not to over-impress. Finding the perfect first-day outfit is tricky. 鈥淢ake sure you know what the company鈥檚 office culture is like,鈥 notes The Penny Hoarder engagement specialist Kelly Anne Smith. 鈥淎 suit and tie may start you off on the wrong foot at a startup, while jeans and a t-shirt may throw an entire agency into disarray on your first day.鈥 Make sure to look around during your initial interview for clues or try looking up what people are wearing in their professional bios to get a good indication of your perfect first day OOTD.

7. Befriend your office manager and IT team. While you should definitely try to befriend EVERYBODY, make a special effort to get to know your office manager and IT peeps. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l need lots of support from these special people, so make sure that you respect them and spend time getting to know them,鈥 says director of employee success at Reflektive Rachel Ernst.

8. Make notes to avoid forgetting people鈥檚 names. One of the most embarrassing parts of starting a new job is having to constantly ask people what their name is. Chief Marketing Officer at Reveal Group Charley McGlinchey suggests taking avid notes to avoid the awkwardness. 鈥淭ake a note on who they are, what they do, and anything to help you remember them and connect the dots later,鈥 such as: Annie, hiring manager, amazing red glasses!

9. Remember that they hired you for a reason. The worst thing you can do on your first day is pretend to be someone else. Other than your killer profesh accomplishments, 鈥淭hey hired you because they liked who you were in the interview,鈥 says founder and CEO at InnovatorsBoxMonica Kang. 鈥淪o be yourself!鈥 As corny as it may sound, it鈥檚 legit important to making a good impression.

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