It’s happened to the best of us. Even after we try to decode the hieroglyphics printed on the care label, we stick our favorite garment in the wash only to pull out a doll-sized version of it. It’s a situation stressful enough to make even the biggest fashion maven sweat.

Typically, once you’ve shrunken a shirt or sweater, the only thing to do is embrace the fact that crop tops are in. But if you really want the full-sized version of the garment back, it turns out there might actually be a way to reverse the process.


According to Marie Claire UK, you can revert clothes to their original size by soaking them in baby shampoo and warm water. Apparently, pouring a third of a cup of baby shampoo in warm water for about 30 minutes will help relax the fibers. From there, it’s advised to ring out the piece gently without rinsing out the shampoo as it will continue to work its magic.

Lay the piece flat on a dry towel and wrap it up to absorb some of the remaining moisture. Then unwrap + toss the wet towel aside and lay the garment flat on a second dry towel. Stretch and shape the piece to its desired size there and let it dry. Once dried, your piece should be wearable once again! To see the process in action, check out a video tutorial here.

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