You’ve learned how to take better Instagram #OOTD photos and you have a pretty nifty DSLR camera within your reach, BUT the only thing that’s holding you back is learning how to use the darn thing, right? Today’s the day to invest in learning how! (And psst! It will only cost $39 to do so!).


We teamed up with wedding photographer Jenna Kutcher to help us create a photography class for beginners. In her course, Intro to DSLR Photography, you’ll learn the basics to using a DSLR camera. This will include:

  • how to navigate your camera settings (no more shooting in automatic!).
  • when and how to change your aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings.
  • how to compose images you’ll be proud to share.

After taking Jenna’s class, you’ll know how to shoot manually with a DSLR camera (like a Nikon or Canon).


Plus, she’s created a few cheat sheets that you can download after you purchase the class. It’s an easy way to remember everything you’ve learned. With practice, you could be taking all your friends’ engagements photos soon enough!


Ready to shoot photos with a DSLR like a pro? Sign up early for our Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class today. Plus, if you really want to dig into photography classes, we have over 14 online courses that you can choose from. All of our classes have beginners in mind and include pro photography tips to help you master camera settings, lighting, composition and more on both a DSLR camera and smartphone.

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