Because there’s no way to properly introduce the shocking truth behind these drop dead gorgeous objects, we’re just going to say it: They’re made of human hair. We know, that sh*t cray.

Studio Swine (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers), a group of artists that create research-led design projects, has us half-inspired and half-cringing at their latest project: Hair Highway. It will make its first debut at Art Basel Miami at the end of this year.

Hair Highway is an interpretation of Silk Road, which was a roadway that transported silk (among other things) between East and West. So why hair and not silk? The answer is this: Human hair is not only the largest Chinese export, but it’s also the fastest growing resource, growing 16 times quicker than wood. It’s an infinite and inexpensive material that’s pretty freakin’ strong, and it’s not being put to very much use over here in the U.S. (except for wigs and extensions, of course). Studio Swine carefully researched the process of selling human hair in China, from the merchants to the markets to the factories. The result? This unique collection of decorative objects.

Combining discarded locks and natural resin, Studio Swine created a new material that’s sustainable and resembles exotic hardwood. Inspired by Shanghai deco in the ‘30s, these beautiful designs show just one way we could be using this natural resource.

This isn’t Studio Swine’s first environmental project. They’ve also created furniture from trash, chairs out of sea debris and stools from discarded cans. There’s no word yet on whether any of these sweet pieces are for sale, but we’re crossing our fingers. It would be pretty cool to have a comb made out of hair… and also quite ironic.

Would you buy an object made from human hair? Sound off in the comments, folks!

(h/t: Fast Company)