I Scream, You Scream, 12 Ways to Make Ice Cream
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I Scream, You Scream, 12 Ways to Make Ice Cream

It seems we’ve got ice cream on the mind here at Brit HQ. Last week we obsessed over LA’s new SnoBar and yesterday we showed you how to make delicious two ingredient ice cream without an ice cream maker. Now that the weather’s warmin’ up, it only makes sense that we round up 12 other delicious ways to get your ice cream on. And stay tuned for more ice creamery later this week.

1. Pumpkin and Black Sesame Ice Cream Cake: Why layer a boring old cake when it can be an ice cream one? Ok cakes are never boring, especially when layered but we absolutely love the muted color palette of this gorgeous cake. (Recipe and photo: Urbane Fruits

2. Vanilla-Bean Ice Cream With Almond Sablé and Chocolate Liquid Crunch: Remember Magic Shell? This takes your childhood memories of a magic chocolatey substance that hardens over ice cream to a whole new, super gourmet level. (Recipe and photo: Sucrèe

3. Sweet Corn Ice Cream: Popular in Malaysia, sweet corn ice cream is the absolutely perfect thing for a summer day. How can you resist cream, corn, and anything in sandwich form? (Recipe and photo: From My Lemony Kitchen)

4. Popcorn and Salted Caramel Ice Cream: Two of our (and possibly the world’s) favorite things are popcorn and salted caramel. We were stunned by the ingenious popcorn cake in our recent cake roundup, and add salted caramel to anything and everything we can. (Recipe and photo: Phuoc N’ Delicious

5. Chewy Gingersnaps and Coconut Key Lime Ice Cream: This takes any form of ice cream sandwichery you’ve seen, and kicks it right in the rear. First, you’ve got chewy gingersnaps topped with chopped pistachio. Then you’ve got coconut key lime ice cream, whose green hue comes from half of an avocado! So delicious, and so tropical. (Recipe and photo: The Incuisition)

6. Girl Scout Cookie Cream Cups: Remember these little darlings? If you’ve still got Girl Scout Cookies hanging around, we commend you and also urge you to try this bit of deliciousness! All you need is your favorite type of cookie, sugar cookie dough, and ice cream! (Recipe and photo: Brit

7. Cake Batter Snow Ice Cream: We know it’s a little late in snow season (in fact, probably too late) to bring up creative ways to use snow, but this is also totally doable with shaved ice. And if you are planning a spring ski trip, you can definitely whip this up. To get the Cake Batter flavor, use Pinnacle cake flavored vodka which also keeps the ice cream soft and smooth. Liquor in ice cream? Sounds good to us! (Recipe and photo: Snappy Gourmet)

8. Chocolate Doughnut, Nutella and Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches: More a preparation and less a recipe, these look totally insane and inspire us to experiment with all sorts of different outsides and fillings for interesting ice cream sandwiches. Perhaps an ice cream sandwich bar is in order? (Recipe and photo: How To: Simplify)

9. Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich: Yes. Another ice cream sandwich! But this one was way too sweet not to include. Like our Banana Biscoff, this recipe is dairy-free, and doesn’t even need an ice cream maker. Beets are used for color, and cake mix is used for the “bread.” Love it! (Recipe and photo: V.K. Rees Photography)

10. S’mores Ice Cream Pie: A delightfully close friend of our No Bake S’mores Pie, this basically adds a layer of chocolate ganache and chocolate ice cream to the middle, in adorable individual pie crusts. When you’re ready to serve, top with a meringue or roasted marshmallows. (Recipe and photo: Kitchen Confidante)

11. Chocolate “Ice Cream” Bars: Oh hello another vegan no-ice-cream-maker recipe! For the ice cream, combine bananas, dark chocolate cocoa, and peanut butter. For the outer chocolate shell, a handful of chocolate morsels or melts and coconut oil. Definitely giving these a try! (Recipe and photo: Kumquat)

12. Drunken Affogato Ice Cream Shots: Another recipe that is more of a prep idea, we love the idea of pairing flavorful liquors with complementary ice creams. Three cheers for ice cream! (Recipe and photo: CHOW)

Which creative take on ice cream is your favorite? Got any recipes or prep ideas we should know about? Give us a shout in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.