The best way to let everyone know that you’re down for frozen treats 24/7? The answer is in a colorful and stylish phone case that rocks the ice cream theme. You’ll just be checking your texts and your friend will see your phone and say, “Hey, let’s get ice cream.” What a fantastic idea! From bright colors to bold patterns and extreme realism, we’ve got the perfect case for you and your love of ice cream.

1. Ice Cream Treat ($15): You’ll have everyone fooled with this super realistic ice cream bar case.

2. Dripping Ombre ($19): How chic is this coral ombre creamsicle with a wood accent!

3. Teeny Cone ($9): Take the subtle route with this little ice cream cone accent.

4. 3D Drip Cone ($15): The raised silicone ice cream design makes this phone easy to hang on to. If only the same was true for the ice cream cones we dropped as kids/adults :(

5. Minty Cones ($35): We love a good mint green and the color seems especially appropriate with ice cream on the brain.

6. Melting Fudgsicle ($35): We can’t decide whether to take a lick or answer the phone!

7. Ice Cream Sandwich ($12): Having something this delicious looking may be a dangerous temptation?

8. Looking Tasty ($400): We’re not sure how practical these cases would be, but they look pretty darn sweet!

9. Classic Neapolitan ($35): Strawberry and chocolate stripes are a sleek version of an old favorite.

10. Rainbow Colors ($35): Check out this modern take on ice cream with a perfectly delicious tower of yum.

11. Modern Popsicles ($35): Enjoy this excellent collection of colorful, retro ice cream and popsicles.

12. Melting Puddles ($13): This case features a unique rippled mold for a realistic effect and just oozes a 3D melty ice cream design without the extra bulkiness.

13. Sprinkles And Stuff ($35): All 31 flavors right there on your phone case!

14. Ice Cream Cones ($35): Evocative of an ice cream cart, these cones are lined up for the perfect graphic design.

15. Papercut Cone Design ($35): Don’t you just love the glittery sprinkles on this paper cut case design!

Would you like your ice cream phone with a cherry on top? Let us know in the comments below!