We’ve all endured the painful experience that is running out of storage space on our smartphone. The inevitable camera roll search for delete-able photos and the mass app removal process that follows that “lack of storage space” notification is a totally stressful exercise. With a new camera app that frees up storage space efficiently, you won’t have to freak out (at least as much) when it comes to taking selfies, snapping some food porn, etc.

ice cream app

IceCream (Free on iOS) is a just-released, part-camera, part-storage saver app that helps you free up space on your iPhone super fast. With the click of a button, room for photos and more on your iOS device will be created in seconds when your photos are sent to IceCream’s free, private and secure cloud system. You will literally be able to go from no storage space for any more photos to room for up to 5,000 snaps in seconds.

ice cream app

The app will send notifications as you approach space capacity to give you the option to send your full resolution photos to your cloud account without having to delete them (the horror!).

Additionally, if you start using the app’s camera instead of the iPhone’s, you’ll be able to take 10x more photos that take up less space on your phone, but still have the same resolution quality. Sounds too good to be true, but we’re definitely gonna give this space-saving app a test run.

Will you be downloading IceCream so you can take even more photos on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.