Grab a new tumbler, because your favorite beverage is about to get a whole lot frostier. With the same fresh brewed flavor that helps you get through the day, iced coffee can transition from summer to fall with just a few tweaks. Sure, some flavored creamer, syrup, and sprinkles will all do, but we’re pushing the limits of your java coffee addiction way past that with coffee jelly (yeah, you read that right) and so much more. To get your caffeine fix, try these 12 iced coffee recipes that are sure to be the fuel you need for that boring staff meeting.

1. Coffee Cake Ice Cream: You shouldn’t have to decide between having cake or ice cream. This one features a brownie bottom, coffee ice cream center, and a marbled layer top that is made with vanilla ice cream and a dollop of chocolate fudge. (via The Little Epicurean)

2. S’mores Iced Coffee: Pitch a tent and drink this iced coffee at home. It’s sure to remind you of those long-forgotten field trips with your Girl Scout BFFs. (via Tamara Like Camera )

3. Mocha Cream Popsicle: Arguably, three of the best things come together in this recipe: coffee, chocolate, and ice cream. (via The Cookie Rookie)

4. Snickerdoodle Iced Coffee: Your favorite holiday cookie is now in the form of a drink. It’s spiced with more than a sprinkle of cinnamon and topped with a big swirl of whipped cream. (via Mildly Meandering)

5. Iced Coffee Granita With Maple Orange Cream: With the changing of seasons, your preferred ice coffee method needs a change too. Switch your fave frozen iced coffee for this granita made with coffee-flavored liquer. *All the heart eyes.* (via Oat and Sesame)

6. Coffee Truffles: A sip of coffee doesn’t compare to these chocolate-covered coffee balls made with ganache. Your hands might get a little dirty, but it’s worth it. (via Recipes Made Easy)

7. Java Chip Frappuccino Recipe: Instead of paying for overpriced frapps, make your own with this recipe. It’s dairy-free and naturally sweetened with a drizzle of maple syrup. (via Leelalicious)

8. Chocolate Chip Mocha Breakfast Smoothie: One sip of this breakfast smoothie and you’re going to seriously rethink how you enjoy the best part of waking up. It’s still the caffeine pick-me-up you need to power through the day but with protein-rich Greek yogurt, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup to sweeten it. (via Dishing Delish)

9. Coffee Jelly: Who knew that coffee in jelly form was so much fun to eat? Like the gelatin molds of your childhood days, it’s best served with a dollop of whipped cream. (via Cup of Zest)

10. Easy Iced Coffee: The trick to this super easy iced coffee recipe is coffee ice cubes prepared the night before. Top the cubes with more coffee, half and half, and sweetened syrup. (via Delightful E Made)

11. Coffee Toffee Fudge Swirl Ice Cream: With just five ingredients and no ice cream maker in sight (thank goodness), how can you turn down this recipe? Little golden toffee chips and fudge make this simple recipe ever better. (via Celebrating Sweets)

12. Chocolate Dipped Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles: Chocolate-y magic shells coat these mocha-flavored ice cream pops. Heavy cream is added for more, well, creaminess. (via Sprinkle Some Sugar)

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