Where has 2015 gone and how are we already halfway through the year?! While we’re a little bummed we didn’t get another three-day weekend, we’re looking on the bright side when it comes to a full week of commuting. National Donut Day is Friday, after all! Before getting settled in to watch the first kickoff of the FIFA Women’s World Cup on Saturday, fly through the week with the help of a fresh new app, two lady-hosted podcasts, the most heartwarming animal Instagram ever and a YouTuber memoir. It’s officially time to #conquerthecommute.

1. Pinpoint (Free on iOS): Make that commute productive by marking up screengrabs of slides from yesterday’s meeting with your own notes. Not only can you turn that ride to the office a professional productivity tool, but it can also be used personally for writing + drawing on screenshots from games, texts, Instagram grabs and more. The time has come to mark everything up just like your high school English teacher did it ;)

2. Follow Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure: Follow the Instagram dedicated to this 15-year-old pooch’s East to West Coast journey as his dog parents take him on the ultimate bucket list trip. The family is embarking on the adventure as a last hurrah for Poh, who is too old to have surgery on the tumors growing in his abdomen. Not only will you be envious of all the sights the adorable dog gets to experience, but you just might tear up (wear some waterproof mascara) as you’re overcome with the love Poh’s owners have for him.

3. The Shepod (Available on iTunes + Soundcloud): DogVacay’s Rachael King and pro-podcaster Sara Tenenbein join forces for a gabfest that is essentially all of our favorite things: Prosecco, eggs and snarky girl talk. Join the ladies for weekly Sunday brunch — though in podcastland brunch can totally be during the workweek — for hearty + healthy discussions on everything from Bruce Jenner to their fave TV gals to sidewalk etiquette and so much more. Come for the debates on Dad Bods, man buns and culottes and stay for the inevitable ’90s nostalgia talk. Um, ladies, can we be a plus one for the next brunch?

4. I, Justine: An Analog Memoir by Justine Ezarik (Available on Amazon, Barnes + Noble, Books-A-Million, iBooks, IndieBound, Google Play + Kobo): This tech-obsessed gal, big time YouTuber and all-around Internet star just released a page turner that takes readers behind her lens and deep inside her world. Get consumed on your commute with Justine’s story on what it took to become a one-woman phenom alongside her inspo revolving around creativity, entrepreneurship and staying true to oneself, all told in her own uniquely witty style. We think she could totally retitle this one Girlboss 101 or at least give a talk at Re:Make ;)

5. Verge ESP (Available on iTunes + Soundcloud): Verge science editor Elizabeth Lopatto + entertainment editor Emily Yoshida‘s just-launched podcast covers two topics they’re pros at — science + entertainment, duh, and everything that intersects between the two. Listen in every other week as these two dissect Mad Max: Fury Road or dependence on oil, or chat with the creators of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. Yep, jot us down for a standing meeting with these ladies twice a month.

Which of these will be getting you through the week? Let us know in the comments.

(Feature photo via @ijustine)