Apparently, we aren鈥檛 the only mega fans of IKEA hacks. After learning a few weeks ago that the costume designers on Game of Thrones聽use an IKEA staple as a wardrobe basic for Jon Snow and other members of the Night鈥檚 Watch, the Scandinavian furniture store has decided to come up with some instructions for achieving that perfect Halloween look.

IKEA鈥檚 Vinter skuldervarmer (AKA a 鈥渨inter shrug鈥) is simple enough to make. All you need is one of the chain鈥檚 sheepskin rugs and a pair of scissors. Simply cut a lollipop shape out of the middle of the rug and drape it over your shoulders. You, too, can be Jon Snow.

Of course, GoT costume designer Michele Clapton鈥檚 version is a bit more labor intensive. During her Getty Museum talk, 鈥淒esigning the Middle Ages: The Costumes of GoT,鈥 Clapton shared that the costume department adds leather and works to weather the rugs, giving them a more authentic feel. 鈥淲e take anything we can; we cut and we shave them and then we added strong leather straps,鈥 she said. 鈥淚 want the audience to almost smell the costumes.鈥

With this season of GoT showing a lot more badass women throughout the realm, we鈥檙e sure to see a boatload of Sansas on Halloween. This IKEA hack is perfect for her new Lady of Winterfell look, along with all-black everything. (It might also come in handy if you鈥檙e planning a GoT聽group costume.)

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(Photos via IKEA + HBO)