Whether have one in your house or all your friends have it in theirs, IKEA鈥榮 super basic Lack coffee table is kind of a home decor must-have among 20-somethings. And though it only set you back about $10, it probably managed serve as a makeshift mini ladder a time or two. If you鈥檝e ever wondered just how it manages to be so durable, National Geographic has an answer for you. The publication recently released a video showing exactly how the table is made and it鈥檚 weirdly mesmerizing.

Unlike the heavy side tables you probably find at your local flea market, a key feature of the Lack table is how lightweight it is. Turns out that鈥檚 because it鈥檚 90 percent cardboard. Sure the frame is made from wood, but inside you鈥檒l find raw paper filler that鈥檚 been magically transformed into a honeycomb shape. IKEA calls this structure the 鈥渂oard on frame鈥 technique.

In the video one of the men who works in the factory tells the camera he weighs 100 kilos (220 pounds). He then stands on a layer of the honeycomb and it doesn鈥檛 even crumble a little bit. The filler is layered inside the table to create an ultra durable design that can also stand up to even to most destructive of college students. IKEA, we love you and we鈥檙e forever grateful.

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(Photo via IKEA)