These aren’t the night lights we remember lighting up a monster-free path for us on the way from bedroom to bathroom growing up. These are the bright, stylish stars of the iLLuminite collection, night lights lighting up our decor dreams of today/tomorrow/right this very second.

The idea behind the iLLuminite collection is a “lightbulb moment” in itself — industrial designer Amit Sturlesi of SturlesiDesign had to find a creative solution for emergency blackout hallway lights at the office. What you’re picturing is boring, but what he came up with is definitely not going to put you to sleep. Behold, the buLb lamp above.

From there, he set out to craft a collection of unique lights that were affordable and more unique than your average night or ambient light. And featured a unicorn or two for good measure.

In the innovative collection, Sturlesi created something special by experimenting with ordinary materials. Engraved acrylic glass works like fiber optics in each lamp; one side is lit up and light travels through to the other.

LED lights make the lamps glow (is an Arduino project calling out to anyone else??).

Sturlesi wanted to make the lamp affordable so decided to use cheap, durable concrete bases to give the fixtures a high end look and feel at a low price. You can even customize your base in a pretty pastel shade.

The line is effortlessly versatile — we could picture the bulb style in any room of the house, for guys or girls, kids or adults.

The Zoo collection is a personal fave. Think we could swing this as an office desk lamp?

The acryLamp is a modern combo between traditional picture framing and modern lighting — a pic perfect marriage of two things we love.

Something else we’re suckers for is a good price on a product we want to buy in bulk. When we first clicked across these bright bits of interior decorating dreams, we mentally priced them in the well-over-$100 range, but they’re all around $50 (!!fifty dollars!!). You can even buy them on Etsy now. Squee, we know.

Which iLLuminite is your favorite? Where in your home could you use a night light?