We’ve all been there. You show up to a party in a new outfit with matching accessories radiating confidence. Move over, Nicki and Bey, you’re feelin’ yourself. And all this swag is popped like a balloon when you look over and see someone else stealing your exact look. This same thing happened to a woman in England at a gala recently and her reaction to this fashion faux pas?

Well, let’s just say we were floored.


As you can see in this picture posted on Imgur by user beedat, homegirl accidentally wore a two tone maxi dress that perfectly matched the floor of the event space. She then posed for this cool, modern art-esque photo to capture the moment, and we think that’s kind of beautiful.

Because really what she did, this faceless fashion icon, is take a potentially embarrassing sitch and own it. So much of fashion is made-up rules anyways, (What is the white after Labor Day deal? Like, isn’t any day of the year technically after one Labor Day or the other???) which means that none of them need to be taken so seriously. Accidentally match the floor? Pretend it’s just one big accessory and take awesome selfies all night. Wearing the same thing as another party guest? Link arms with your new sister and tromp around the room demanding “two for one” deals on drinks and party snacks (and then freak out guests who over-imbibed later by doing your best Shining twins impression). As long as you rock an embarrassing situation — be it a nip slip, a fall, overdressing, whatever — you can still come out on top.

And, hey, some floors have serious style. Personally, we’d like a dress with the floor pattern of the PDX airport on it…


How would you deal with being twinsies with the floor? TILE us in the comments (tile instead of “tell” — get it??)!

(h/t Daily Mail, beedat via Imgur + Mel Ortiz via The Carpet at Portland Airport)