As you may have noticed, we’re going gaga over indigo around here. Earlier this week, we showed you four ways to DIY using our handy dandy Indigo Tie Dye Kit ($12), and now we’re here to serve up 20 indigo housewares you should probably get your hands on.

And if you don’t feel like splurging on these handmade wares, try making them yourself!

1. Indigo Stripe Sham, Set of 2 ($69): You’ll dream sweetly atop this pair of summery striped shams.

2. Hand-Dyed Shibori Table Runner ($108): Love the boho vibe this adds to a classic dining table.

3. Polka Dot Napkins, Set of 4 ($20): Polka dots are timeless — instead of the classic black and white scene, go for this earthier look.

4. Little Circles Indigo Mud Cloth Tapestry ($69): Speaking of earthy, tie dye is back!

5. Indigo Dyed Rope Bowl ($45): Indigo-dyed rope? Sign us up.

6. Ombre Indigo-Dipped Lace Curtain ($148-$208): Whoa. That is some seriously skilled dye dipping — and that subtle gradient is totally swoon-worthy.

7. Indigo Striped Bed Blanket ($119): To match your shams, a striped blanket we could see spending a whole Sunday under ;)

8. Vintage Stripe Dot Indigo Tapestry ($175): As you can see, indigo is a versatile dye when it comes to the color wheel. This deep shade makes us think of richly hued denim.

9. Celestial Coaster Set ($32): Technically, indigo was not actually used when creating these coasters. But, they definitely fit this scene!

10. Tie Dye Napkin ($24): Indigo napkins are popping up everywhere — even on Brit + Co!

11. Handwoven Bamboo Throw ($78): This soft throw would look right at home in your summer beach bag.

12. Victorian Whale Bathmat ($58): We heart this so hard.

13. Indigo Dyed Zafu Meditation Cushion ($102): Whether you meditate or not, this cushion would look right at home in a bohemian living space.

14. Vintage Hmong Homespun Indigo Pillow Case ($70): Love the aged quality of this pillow case, made from repurposed Vietnamese textiles.

15. Indigo Napkins & Placemats, Set of 4 ($125): More napkins? Yes. And there are even more! This set of mix and match napkins would suit an outdoor dinner party perfectly.

16. Indigo Check Tablecloth ($125): Check baby, check baby, 1-2-3-4… ;)

17. Organic Reactive Indigo Dish Collection ($6-$20): That’s right — indigo DISHES. This glaze is made with natural indigo dye to create a range of beautiful blues.

18. Organic Indigo Ikat Striped Shams ($10-$15): Ikat + indigo = trend WIN.

19. Indigo Block Print Napkins, Set of 4 ($30): See what we told you about napkins? Love this set of patterned prints.

20. Tie-Dye Boo Pillow ($89): Omg, remember these? SO GOOD.

Are you digging the indigo trend? Have you tried dyeing anything yourself? Talk to us in the comments below.