As you may have noticed, we’re officially indigo obsessed. We just love the deep blue twist on summer camp tie dye, and have our sights set on even more indigo in the weeks to come. And what does an obsession lead to here at Brit HQ? Indigo items in the B+C Shop, of course! Check out our latest faves, including a kit to create your own hand-dyed indigo garments.

1. Indigo Tie Dye Kit ($12): First up, the kit that set our love of indigo on fire. With just this one kit, we created over 20 indigo items! We recommend getting this kit and planning a par-DIY with your besties ASAP.

2. Blue Palm Leather Sunglass Case ($40): This hand-painted case will surely keep your sunnies stylin’ all summer long.

3. Pushkar Indigo Silk Scarf ($160): Scarves are definitely the most common indigo-dyed thing we’ve seen. Fortunately, no two hand-dyed scarves are alike so you’ll always have a unique piece.

4. Starry Sea Print ($25): We love the dreamlike aesthetic of this starry piece.

5. Patchwork Shibori Pillow ($105): This pillow definitely inspired some of our own creations — we particularly love the turquoise tones.

6. Desert Palm Leather Envelope Clutch ($98): Cousin to the sunglass case up above, this clutch would be perfect for weddings all year round.

7. Hand-Dyed Shibori Scarf ($66): One scarf, two scarf… you get the picture ;)

8. Blue Dot Indigo Cocktail Napkins Set ($30): Though we do love clean lines, the painterly style of these polka dots is to… dye for.

9. Indigo Blue Dip-Dyed Scarf ($30): And finally, one more scarf! This dip dye is a classic way to use indigo, and always stays in style.

Do you have any indigo goods in your home or closet? Have you dyed anything of your own? Talk to us in the comments below.