From colorful birthday parties to pretty birthday cards, there are tons of ways to show the special people in your life how much you care on their day of days. We’ve gathered 13 ways for you to do so without breaking the bank. With these money-saving gifts, you’ll be on your way to hitting your major savings milestones in no time.


1. Happy Plugs In-Ear Earbuds in Turquoise ($35): If you’ve got a music lover on your hands, these colorful earbuds make for a great birthday present. Even if your friend already has a pair, we all know these pesky things always have a way of getting lost.


2. Trackr Bravo in Silver ($30): This key tracker is the perfect gift for forgetful pals. No one will blame you if there’s a bit of a selfish element too — there’s nothing wrong with being a bit over it after the hundredth time you’ve hunted for your pal’s keys with her.


3. #Squad Tee ($12): If you get a tee for yourself and one for your buddy on her birthday, you’ll have endless, fun-filled nights out wearing these together. No one will be confused about who’s in your killer #squad.


4. Flasking Custom Leather-Wrapped Flask ($32): This flask has all the elements of a winning birthday present: customizable, useful and ready for booze. Surprise your pal by gifting it pre-filled with their favorite boozy beverage!


5. W&P Moscow Mule Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24): If your friend’s birthday bash includes some travel, surprise him with this nifty carry on cocktail kit. There’s absolutely nothing like not having to wait for a flight attendant to make you a less-than-awesome drink.


6. Bad Ass Candles You’re Soy Amazing Candle ($18): This candle will remind your special friend exactly how great you think they are every time they look at it.


7. Spicier Bags Semara Carryall Clutch ($44): Every gal loves a good clutch, but when you’ve already acquired a few too many, it’s hard to justify buying another one. That’s why gifting one to your clutch-obsessed gal pal is a great idea.


8. Padgett Hoke Gold Curved Bar Necklace ($36): While gifting jewelry can sometimes be tricky, this curved bar necklace goes with literally everything. Heck, it even looks great paired with gym clothes.


9. Love Andrea’s Closet Custom Bar Bracelet ($25): The sentimental level is always kicked up a notch when something is customized. Furnish this pretty piece with your bestie’s name or a special date or word that is significant to her and she’ll love you forever (as if she doesn’t already).


10. Bad Ass Candles Bad Ass Bitch Lip Balm ($4): Lip balm is one of those things you just cannot get enough of. This one is prime birthday gift material for your bad-ass friend who loves to have a good time.


11. Bkr Bambi Bkr Bottle ($35): This pretty in pink water bottle is a lovely present for the fitness fiend in your life. From yogis to marathoners and anyone in between, H2O is is necessary component of any workout strategy.


12. Brit + Co Acrylic Painting Kit ($39): This acrylic painting kit is a killer gift. It’s got everything your friend will need to hit the ground running. She’ll be cranking out works of painted art in no time at all.

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