The ultimate party dilemma: To host at your house, or at a bar. There’s a strong case for each. Your house is probably more comfortable, and you don’t have to worry about strangers crowding your precious party space there. But at a bar, all the mess your crew creates isn’t your problem. And a party sans clean-up is really the best kind, amiright? If you’re having trouble deciding, there’s another alternative you’ve yet to consider: an inflatable pub.

Paddy Wagon Pub is basically a bouncy house for grown-ups. It’s an inflatable pub that holds up to 80 people. It comes complete with a thatched roof, chimney and even a faux-fire inside. It’s kitschy but that’s kind of the point.

If you want to really go all-in on the Irish theme, Paddy Wagon Pub can also provide traditional Irish food for your soirée. Catering includes bites like pies, pasties and soda bread. And of course, Irish beers and domestic micro brews are also available. Additionally, entertainment services like beer pouring tutorials, dancers, live music and — wait for it — Irish wolf dogs (!!!) are all bookable.

There just one catch, though: Currently, the inflatable pub is only available in Boston. However, not all hope is lost if you live elsewhere. According to Lonely Planet, Paddy Wagon is already looking for people around the United States who might be interested in continuing the franchise across the country. We’ll do a little Irish jig for that.

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