Hands up if you’ve ever gotten that very specific hand cramp you can only get from scrolling through Instagram for too long (you can be honest — this is a safe space). It’s hard not to get totally immersed in beautiful pics from female travelers and meal prep pics and stare at every selfie and celeb snap in your feed. But it can also be hard to remember that people present a very curated version of themselves on social media, and often, life is not as Instagram-perfect as it seems. Enter Celeste Barber, an Australian comedian whose hilarious and realistic recreations of “candid” (see: totally staged and unrealistic) celebrity photos have made her Instagram-famous in her own right.

“I can’t even get my account verified, so not much has changed,” Celeste tells Us Weekly about soaring to 1.1 million followers since starting the account last year. “Except I’m a massive bitch now and make my friends pick out all the blue M&M’s for me.”

We’ve previously loved the creativity behind similar accounts, like the teen who recreated T-Swift’s most memorable outfits or the blogger who DIYed popular Met Gala looks out of literal garbage, but Celeste takes her homages to another level, depicting the IRL realities of motherhood and day-to-day life with a healthy dose of body positivity. Not to mention, seeing a real person in “rich people” scenarios is a nice reality check about just how silly it can all be sometimes, including the world of endorsements.

“I see your Skincare endorsement and I raise you some laxatives that I paid for.”

The Kardashians and Jenners are recurring subjects; their otherworldly lives and prolific social media presences make them easy — and hilarious — targets.

The pictures may have started as a joke between Celeste and her sister, but ‘grams like this recreation of a sultry Kate Upton pool shot have clearly struck a nerve (or a million) along the way.

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(Featured photo via @celestebarber)