Everyone’s obsessed with steamy, dreamy hot cocoa drinks right now. There’s nothing like a mug of sweet hot chocolate to brighten the dark and chilly winter nights. If you’re thinking of serving some at your next party, get a gander at the over-the-top cocoa stations dominating Instagram right now. It’s pretty easy to set up and you just need a few cocoa bar essentials. From string lights and kitschy mugs to homemade marshmallows and mug toppers to cinnamon and peppermint swizzle sticks, it’s the sweet trimmings that bring on the likes. Scroll on for 21 examples of crazy cocoa bar inspo that will make you long to PAR-TAY right now.

1. Cottage Chic: A painted bureau makes a folksy bar to hold a hot cocoa spread. Add a rustic tray under the mugs and a few baskets to hold the fixins, and you’re ready for your guests to arrive.

2. Night Lights: The only thing more cozy than hot chocolate is the warm glow beaming down from strategically placed string lights. Notice how the cozy knitted throw makes a perfect tablecloth and provides a snowy background for all the cocoa goodies.

3. Snow White: If you’ve got a distressed farmhouse table, you’ve got an instant cocoa station. Just add matching cups and condiments and this refreshment stand is *pure* winter wonderful.

4. Peppermint Twist: Kitschy mugs add whimsy and color to your cocoa bar. This red, white and green theme makes everyone want to shout: Happy Holidays!

5. Country Casual: Mismatched teacups on a peg wall creates a charming casualness that cues your guests to make themselves at home. If you’ve got a single-serve coffee maker, your friends can help themselves.

6. Small Spaces: There’s a cocoa bar to suit every size dwelling — even the tiniest houses have room. If you’re pressed for space, a tiered lazy Susan holds *all* of the essentials.

7. Theme Song: The framed chalkboard above this coffee bar sets the tone and provides an invitation to your guests to partake. Pre-prepped thermal pitchers make serving a breeze.

8. Candy Stripes: Peppermint goes so well with hot chocolate — and red and white striped accessories do too. Retro paper straws take us back to a time when we all thought the North Pole was a giant peppermint stick!

9. Candlelight Cozy: Remember the *hygge* trend that’s been burning up Instagram? A little bit of candlelight on your cocoa bar really does make everyone feel warm and cozy inside.

10. Porch Niche: Locating your cocoa station on the porch is brilliant. It gives everyone a reason to cool off outdoors — and check out those holiday lights you labored to get *just right.*

11. A Moveable Feast: Setting up a cocoa bar doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as cheerful and easy as this portable tray, stacked with all the essential goodies.

12. Cocoa-land: If you’ve got a kitchen island or peninsula, you’ve got an instant cocoa bar. Just lay out some festive cups and plug in your slow cooker to keep the cocoa warm.

13. Cableknit Backsplash: Colorful knitted textiles add warmth to this cocoa bar. The pops of red, repeated in the lantern, flowers and buckets that hold the mug toppers, gives this setting a dose of holiday cheer.

14. Sweet + Simple: This mini-bar offers all the essentials, plus peppermint and chocolate nib toppers. What’s not to L-O-V-E!

15. Tuxedo Bar: A black and white theme is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. Coffee pods mixed in with the cocoa pods would be a great way to ensure all your night owls stay alert until the ball drops.

16. Rustic Chic: Everything doesn’t have to be *holiday* matchy matchy when you’re setting up your cocoa bar. This station mixes white mugs with copper Moscow Mule cups. The industrial steel caddy and the driftwood frame and trivet help pull this rustic-industrial look together.

17. All Lit Up: Homemade marshmallows are the stars of this show — but who could say no to a shot of boozy tipple? The snowflake tablecloth and strings of fairy lights add another layer of inviting warmth to this spread.

18. All Decked Out: Peppermint mini marshmallows, check. Candy cane swizzle sticks, check. Dark and white chocolate morsels, check. This holiday-themed cocoa bar is raring to go!

19. Bling Fling: The silver samovar, brass serving tray and gold leaf picture frames make this cocoa bar a feast for the eyes. A basket of biscotti is a nice added touch, giving guests something to nibble on as they drink their cocoa.

20. Cozy Countertop: A bar that’s set up in the corner of your kitchen will be very easy to keep refreshed. From folksy figurines to mason jar canisters and generous mugs, this kitchen cocoa station makes everyone feel right at home.

21. Boozy Bar: There’s nothing better than a warm mug of cocoa — unless it’s a *spiked* mug of cocoa. A little shot of something-something spreads all that warmth right down to the tips of everyone’s toes.

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