Maybe you’ve found yourself binge viewing #foodporn on a Saturday night and you’re ready for an Insta-feed that’s less of a guilty pleasure. Why not grab some fitness tips from some Insta-pros? After finding these accounts, we found ourselves pretty inspired and ready to rev up our fitness routine. Who knew healthy could start with a double tap?

1. @camilleforwildcat: Camille Brown is a weightlifter, acrobat and all-around mighty woman. This girl has got some Jillian-Michaels-level muscle action going on. She’ll have you pumping iron before you know it.

2. @amandabisk: She was once a pole vaulter for Australia, but since an unfortunate medical diagnosis, Amanda Bisk had to set her sights on reevaluating her athletic goals. Scrolling through her feed though, compromise is not a common theme. Instead, her pics show her insane strength and inclination for beach adventures.

3. @thefitnesscloset: So you get in shape to feel good and look good, but what about looking good while you’re getting in shape? This Instagram is for finding your next new killer duds to make going to the gym less of a chore and more of a fashion statement. Whatever gets you there, right?

4. @spirituallyfly: Faith Hunter owns her own yoga studio in Washington D.C. Throughout her feed, you can see her living out her Spiritually Fly™ philosophy and celebrating all aspects of her life including her adorable shih tzus. Also, we can’t get enough of that orange wall.

5. @ashruns100s: Ashley Ringo Walsh is an ultra-runner which doesn’t mean she just really, really likes running. She does in fact really, really like running, but an ultra-runner runs 100-mile races. 100 MILES! You can catch her and her kiddos running through the woods no doubt covering distances our feet can only dream of.

6. @pocketdwarf: This yoga mommy takes her poses all over the place. From a serene mountaintop to the middle of bustling Times Square, Melissa Lee is one fearless yogi.

7. @jayelllewis: Jayel Lewis is a personal trainer who lives fitness through and through. Follow for great fitness tips for the gym and beyond to your meals and overall fitness perspective.

8. @eatprayimprove: This young fitness guru knows good food. Turns out, healthy doesn’t mean eating lettuce for every single meal. Who knew? Antonia Eriksson‘s feed is full of healthy eats for a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Down with the binge diet!

9. @gypsetgoddess: Her name is Caitlin Turner but you can call her Gypset Goddess. She’s a yoga teacher and blogger who’s recently taken on acroyoga. What’s acroyoga? It’s when yoga gets acrobatic. Teams of at least two people basically perform the yoga equivalent of Cirque Du Soleil and Caitlin’s feed is full of it.

10. @davidkirsch: David Kirsch is a wellness coach whose feed is full of great food and helpful workout videos. What’s even cooler is that he’s Kate Upton’s trainer! Sure, we’ll take a Kate Upton bod. Why not?

11. @barbarajean_yoga: Ready for your daily yoga pose? Barbara Fitzgerald’s got it, along with an insanely awesome collection of yoga clothes complete with colorblocking, tie dye and floral prints. She’s a yogi after our own hearts.

12. @nikerunning: Who knows fitness better than Nike? This might be our favorite Nike Insta account. Something about seeing people run all around the world makes it seem like we’re all in this fitness thing together!

What are your favorite types of inspiring Instagram accounts? Share your faves on Instagram by tagging @britandco!