There have been a lot of backlash due to the various things that Instagram has banned — like the term #curvy for a while, the word #goddess and more. While Instagram has worked to bring back a lot of these banned search terms, there’s one movement that has been ongoing for years. And to-date, Instagram has yet to do anything about it. Yes, we’re talking about #freethenipple.


Miley Cyrus has spoken out for it, Cara Delevingne has backed it and even Chrissy Teigen has posted multiple topless photos in protest. Recently, #freethenipple protesters even went so far as to Photoshop men’s nipples onto women’s bodies in an effort to show how sexist the ban really is. The question remains: Why hasn’t Instagram done anything about it? The social media network has finally broken their silence as to why women’s nipples are still a no-go on the platform — and they’re pointing fingers.


Specifically, they’re pointing fingers at Apple. According to Nylon, at a talk in London last Wednesday, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that in order to remain compliant with Apple’s terms for listing their app in the App Store within the 12+ age rating and to avoid the 17+ age rating, they must ban the nipple. But how true is this explanation really? Mic is quick to point out that Twitter is often rampant with nudity (hi, spam porno bots) and yet it only carries a 4+ age rating.

It looks like #freethenipple isn’t happening anytime soon. Because double standards.

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(h/t Nylon, photos via Justin Sullivan/Getty)